Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 17-21, 2016 Week 9

Hello everyone!  Can you believe that this is the 9th week of school?  It will be Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!  :)

This week we will read a story that is animal fantasy called "A Big Fish for Max."  We will blend and read words with digraphs sh, and th; sequence and put story events in order; identify common nouns; write a friendly letter; and practice saxon phonics.

FYI...parents we will write a friendly letter to YOU!   Watch for our letters in the mail.  :)

In Math we will start working on numbers up to 99 and since last week was a short week we will also continue to practice telling time to the hour.

In Science we will continue identifying the 3 states of matter: liquid, solid, gas

In Social Studies we will learn about good citizens such as Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton and Eleanor Roosevelt.

On Friday's we get ipads...

                                        You could hear a pin drop!  LOL!

Look who decided to read instead!

Upcoming Events...
Oct 18- Nov 3 ~ PTO Kahuna Fundraiser 
Oct 20 ~ Report Cards
Oct 24-28 ~ Red Ribbon Week
I will send home the sheet that tells what to wear each day
October 25~ Early Release
October 26 ~ A-Team Field Trip 
Please return permission slip to go with us to Greenville & Commerce Park
Nov 2 ~ Kona Ice Snowcones

Have a great week!  Thanks for following our class blog.  See you next week!  :)

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