Sunday, September 23, 2018

September 24-28, 2018 Weeks 6 and 7

Hi Everyone!  We have been super busy in class learning how to write a complete sentence, reading and practicing sight words, practicing addition facts, identifying properties of matter and we will finish up our science unit by identifying the three states of matter (liquid, solid, gas).

This week in Reading our Interactive and Shared Reading will be books... One of Each, The Sky is Falling, Chicken Licken, The Magic Rabbit, and Silly Fun poems.
We will discuss the difference between fantasy and real life; distinguish between a funny or serious poem; listen for and brainstorm rhyming words; recognize an Exclamatory sentence; read words with short u and final blends.

In Math we will subtract numbers from 10 and learn to count back.  

In Science we will complete our unit on Matter and identify the Three States of Matter.  We will be able to recognize if an object is a liquid, solid, or a gas.

In Social Studies we will discuss Good Citizens such as Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and Eleanor Roosevelt.  

Sept 27 ~ Back to School Ball  
Oct 5 ~ No School
Oct 8-12 ~ Fall break
Oct 16 ~ Kona Ice
Oct 26 ~ Picture Retakes
Oct 29 ~ Red Ribbon Week
Oct 30 ~ 50th Day of School

Another Great Week of Learning...

       Tessa, my student from last year was our "Mystery Reader!"

           Learning about "Clouds" and how they make rain!

Everything is ready for our first Math Marathon of the year!
In my class we watched a video about 2D shapes, made 2D shapes on the Geoboards, and played 2D shape Bingo!  

As always thanks for the follow!  Have a great week and see you next time!    Ms. Harris' Class♥

Saturday, September 8, 2018

September 10-14, 2018 Weeks 4 & 5

Hi everybody!  I hope you're enjoying this rain and cooler temperatures.  It's sleepy time for me.  :)

Last week I didn't post but I will catch you up on some things that we did in class.  We worked hard on identifying and inferring  characters feelings in a story; blending and decoding short o words; we discussed and recognized the subject and predicate parts of a sentence.  We learned that the subject is who or what the sentence is about while the predicate is the action part of the sentence.  In Math we compared numbers and learned the greater than, less than, equal to symbols.  We learned a little trick that helps us to remember that the alligator always eats the greater number.  We started Science and observed clouds.  We understand that clouds hold the water that causes rain.  We learned the Water Cycle Song.

This week we will read ""Sitting Down to Eat" and "The Goose that Got Loose."  Both books are rhyming texts and we will listen for rhyming words in the story.  We will make predictions about the stories; discuss new vocabulary heard in the stories; read plural -s words; inflectional -ing words; discuss abc order; and main idea and details in a story.

We will start AR this week.  I will send home your child's AR username and password once we get started with this in class.  You can test at home as well.  It's an online reading resource so the internet is needed.

In Math we will use manipulatives to add and subtract numbers to 10.   We will use blocks, and other objects to help us add and subtract.

In Science we will discuss Properties and Patterns.  We will describe an objects properties such as its size, texture, sound, etc.

Sept 4-11 ~ Book Fair

Sept 10  ~ Mr & Miss CES Fundraiser begins

Sept 11  ~ Kona Ice Snowcones (cost is $2, $3, $4, $5)

Sept 13 ~ Fall Pictures

Sept 19  ~ Back to School Picnic (12:05-12:50 during our lunch time on the playground.  You can bring a blanket or lawn chair if you would like to come and eat and visit with your child)

Sept 27  ~ Back to School Ball  (Children can wear formal or church clothing.  There will be refreshments, face painting, dancing, and the crowning of Mr & Miss CES)

Oct 8-14  ~ Fall Break

And this is just a "part" of what we are doing in class!  
Thanks for dropping by...see you next week! 
                                                             xoxo Ms. Harris' Class♥