Monday, January 29, 2018

Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2018 Week 22

YEAH!  We made it to the 100th Day of school!  Where has time gone?  We have learned so much since school started on August 7!  It's fun laughing and learning with this GREAT group of students!  We have a super time together!  

                                        Happy 100's Day!

We will read "I'm a Caterpillar."  It is Literary Nonfiction that's told like a story, but it's about something that really happens.  Our reading skills are to read words with r-controlled vowels /er/, /ir/, /ur/;  identify fact and opinion; recognize verbs am, is, are, was, were; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue to practice counting coins.   Ms. Higgs, my student teacher brought in some new coins and compared them to old coins.  Some of the new coins had different faces and backs.

In Science we will investigate soil. We will get out our magnifying lenses and observe what we see in soil.  

We will also learn facts about water.  We will discuss the sources of water such as lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans.  We will also talk about freshwater and salt water.

Last week in Social Studies we made a timeline of our life.  We also learned facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and made a timeline of important events in their lives.

January 29 ~  100's Day Celebration
January 31 ~ TPRI Test
February 14 ~ Valentine Party
February 19 ~ No School/ Staff Development

The "Reading Bookworm" stopped by with a pleasant surprise of "Cookies" because of our super job in AR reading!  Yum Yum!

Thanks for following us this week!  Please come back again!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 22-26, 2018 Week 21

I'm so glad that we do not have freezing temperatures this week.  Hopefully we can finally get out to recess and RUN!
This week on Monday, A-Team will go to Sulphur Springs to the movies to see Paddington 2.  Students need a sack lunch and 2 drinks.  Please put lunch in a plastic or paper bag.  No lunchboxes.  We will leave at 8:15.

This week our reading story is "Frog and Toad Together."  It is animal fantasy about a frog and toad that can talk and do things that people do.  Our reading skills are to add endings with inflectional ending -ed, -ing; identify author's purpose; past and present tense verbs; r-controlled vowels; and practice Saxon Phonics.  

In Math we will continue to practice identifying the name and value of coins.  We will count like and mixed coins using the hairy money strategy.  Here is an example of the "hairy money" strategy...

                                  We sorted coins 

In Science we will investigate the natural world of "Soil."
We will learn what makes up soil and things that depend on soil to live like plants, animals, and people.

In Social Studies we will discuss historical figures George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We will learn about their contributions to society and make a timeline of their life.  We will also make a timeline of important events in our life, from birth to now.

Jan 22 ~ A-TEAM field trip to movies
Jan 29 ~ 100th Day of School 
Jan 31 ~ TPRI testing
Feb 14 ~ Valentine Party

We are one busy class!

                                             We explored the natural world of "rocks."  
                                                These are some of our  rock creations!

In STEM...
We made snowballs and learned about the structure of a snowflake!

Thanks for dropping in to see what we are learning!  We'll see you same time next week!  Have a wonderful warmER week!  

Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15-19, 2018 (Week 19 & 20)

Welcome back to our Class Blog!  

Last week was week 19 of school and I was glad to be back and see all our smiling and healthy faces!  Flu, Strep and colds hit our class really hard the last couple of weeks before Christmas break.   

We welcomed a new student, Brianna.  She quickly fit right in with our friends!  So happy to have her be a part of our class!  :)

This is week 20 of school.  As I write this, the weather prediction is that we will have rain, sleet and snow for tonight.  If we go to school tomorrow we will back in our regular routine.  

We will read "The Class Pet".  It is an expository text that tells about real people, places, and animals. It is about how mice grow and change.  Our reading skills are to read words with ending -es; fact and opinion; verbs; and read words with r-controlled vowels.  

In Math we will recognize and learn the value of coins, penny, nickle, dime, and quarter.

In Science we will explore the natural world of rocks.  Students should bring a small rock to school to compare and identify its properties.

In Social Studies we will create a timeline and learn how to put things in chronological order.

Upcoming Events...
January 22 ~ A-Team Field Trip to Movies
January 29 ~ 100th Day of School
January 31 ~ TPRI Testing
February 14 ~ Valentine Party

                     We learned facts about Martin L. King Jr.

                                                           We made yummy ice cream! 
                                                     We watched a liquid turn into a solid.

                               Brailynn was Student of the Month!
                                  Congrats for working so hard!

Some Activities  Before Christmas Break...

                                    Virtual Tour of Santa's Workshop 
                                             at the North Pole!

                                  Yummy cookie decorating 
                                     at our Christmas Party!

Mrs. Michelle read to us before our party!
Tessa's grandmom

Movie and Pajama Day!