Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 15-19, 2014 Week 16

My, My, My, where has time gone?  I can't believe we will be getting out for Christmas this week!  We will not have any new spelling words or sight words this week.  We will read Christmas stories and make Christmas crafts.  We have a week packed full of activities.

Monday we will read Christmas stories and work on Christmas crafts.

Tuesday we will watch "Polar Express."  Students can bring a throw blanket and a small stuffed animal.

Wednesday we will travel to the High School to watch a play.

Thursday we will watch"Frozen" and students can wear pajamas.  Students will get progress reports.

Friday we will have our Christmas cookie decorating party at 11:00.  Students will get out early at 11:50.  

Ho Ho Ho!
On Friday I received a text from one of Santa's elves.  It said that Santa received our letters that we wrote to him.  We were "thrilled" to hear the good news.  I even wrote Santa to tell him how hard the boys and girls have been working!  :)

Thanks for following us this week! 

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 8-12, 2014 Week 15

This week we will be reading a story called "A Place to Play."  It is a realistic fiction story that tells events that could happen in real-life.  In this story we will read about a community that builds a new place to play. Students will blend and read vowel sounds of y; sequence story events; identify verbs, and review syllables.  

Math:  We will continue to compare and order numbers up to 99.  

Social Studies:  We will discuss good citizens and their influences and contributions on our community, state, and nation.

Science:  We explore rocks and write about the rocks that we found on our rock hunt last week; we will also explore soil. 

12 Days of Christmas

Thanks Madeline for my special gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas!  You and your mom are always so thoughtful!

1st Day...A set of magnets for science activities
2nd Day...A thirst quenching Dr Pepper 
3rd Day...Chocolate Chip Cookies
4th Day...Hair gel for class to write spelling words
5th Day...Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows on a Stick
6th Day...Frog Soap Dispenser
7th Day...Rice Krispy Treats
8th Day...Giant Twix Bar
9th Day...Games for our Classroom
10th Day...Sugar Cookie Mix
11th Day...Cheese Crackers
12th Day...More Games for our Classroom
Thank You So Much!!!

Upcoming Events...

December 16-  Polar Express (blankets & stuffed animals)
December 17- Play at CHS
December 18- Frozen Movie and Pajamas
December 19- Christmas Party @ 11:00
December 19- Early Release @ 11:50

We had our first "Mystery Reader" last Friday!  The students were given clues and many of them thought that it was going to be Mrs. Maroney!  Will the "Mystery Reader" please come in...???
It was Kendall Bailey!  She is in 3rd grade and was in my class two years ago!  Wow! What a great job she did!  Thanks Kendall! 

The boys and girls have discovered that AR testing is fun!  We have been busy reading and taking AR tests in class!  Remember to keep reading books at home.  They don't have to be AR just read!  

Please continue to practice spelling words at home as they become more challenging as the weeks go by.  Also remember to practice writing the two dictated sentences on the back of the spelling sheet that is provided on Mondays.  The sentences need to be spelled and written correctly on the test on Fridays. 

Thanks and have a fantastic week!