Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feb 29 - Mar 4, 2016 Week 25

We are hoping that this week all of our little friends are well and back at school.  We miss you!  

This week we will read a non-fiction story about things to see in Washington D.C.  Our story is titled "A Trip to Washington D.C."  Our reading skills are to blend and read long o words spelled with vowel digraphs oa, ow; read words with three-letter blends; identify facts and details in a story; use adjectives to describe the size; and saxon phonics. 

*Spelling Rule for vowel digraphs oa, ow*
oa is usually in the middle of the word like (road)
ow is usually at the end of the word like (snow)

In Math we will continue to add like and mixed sets of coins.  We will also collect data and use it to make a graph.

In Science we will identify objects in the sky such as the sun, moon, and stars.

In Social Studies we will learn more about the physical characteristics of our environment. Landforms: mountains, hills, valleys, and plains

Upcoming Activities...

March 2 ~ Dr Seuss Read Across America
March 8 ~ Open House 5:30-6:30
March 14-18 ~ Spring Break
March 22 ~ Kona Ice Snowcones

Thanks to all who sent us your BOXTOPS!  

Kaede read a book to us this week. She was confident and poised just like a little teacher!

We love reading!

We also had up and coming author/school board member Kathleen Hooten read her unpublished book to us.  It was about her show goat Cabo.  We gave it 2 thumbs up!  I'm sort of partial to her because her son Luke was in my class 10 years ago!!!  Thanks for giving our class a first peek at what is going to be a big hit!  :)

Hold on because this is going to be another busy and activity filled week!  We have Jenna, Levi, and Aboss earning their blue AR shirts on Monday!  So proud of them!  Look for their pictures next week!  On Wednesday get ready to read read read all day as we celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.  
LAST but NOT least...

A BIG THANKS to all my sweeties for the wonderful and sweet gifts that I received on my birthday February 25.  I have the BEST class in the world!  I love you guys!!!

I hope that each and everyone has a great week!
Thanks for stopping by!  See you all next week!

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22-26, 2016 Week 24

Thanks to all our followers for keeping up with us.  I want to say hello to Ms. Terri, I was excited to see that you were reading our blog and thanks for the comment!  I miss you at CES!  :)

This week we are reading a new version of Cinderella.  It is fun to see fairy tales changed up a little bit.  We compared the new story to the original version and found some comparisons and differences.  Our reading skills this week are to blend and read words with vowel digraph long "ea" sound; discuss and identify the "theme" of a story.  (We talked about the theme is the big idea of the story); compound words; adjectives; and  saxon phonics.  

In Math we will continue to identify money, and learn the value of a set of like and mixed coins such as pennies. nickels, dimes, and quarters.  We are learning to count money by a method called "hairy money."  If we are doing an activity sheet then the students will draw hairs on the money...for example a nickel = 1 hair, a dime = 2 hairs, a quarter = 5 hairs and a penny= 1 dot.  Each hair represents 5 cents and one dot represents 1 cent.  We are in the early stages of learning this method but ask your child about it.  "HAIRY MONEY"

In Science we are exploring Objects in the Sky. We will learn facts about the sun, moon, and stars.

In Social Studies we discuss the natural characteristics of the environment such as landforms, mountains, valleys, etc.

Upcoming Events...
February 23 ~ Box Tops Due
February 26 ~ No School/ Staff Development
March 2 ~ Read Across America Day
March 8 ~ Open House at 5:30-6:30
March 14-18 ~ Spring Break
March 22 ~ Kona Ice Snowcones

Congrats to Sam and Kaede for earning AR shirts!  Sam earned 50 points for a gold shirt and Kaede earned 25 for a blue AR shirt!  Bravo guys I am so proud of you!  

           Aubrey was honored at TAMU for                  being an outstanding student!

Creating a map of the seven continents and labeling the four cardinal directions!

                        Kaede did an outstanding job creating her map!

                                       Figuring out the value of coins!  $$$

                                                        Yea I've got this! 

                 Roland was thinking and getting ready to work!

                            T'Annie and Levi focused and working hard!

                              I love it when my students ask to read to the class!
                            Thanks Elias!  You did a super job!

 Levi coding a Saxon Phonics word!  
Way to go coding that soft "c" word!

Thanks for visiting! 
Come back to see us next week.  See you then!  :)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 15-19, 2016 Week 23

Thanks parents for a sweet Valentine's Party!  
Spring Break is just a couple of weeks away, so we are going to learn lots and lots and lots over the next couple of weeks.  We will review some past skills this week and finish up some activities that we still need to complete.  

In Reading we will read "Mama's Birthday Present."  It is a fictional story about a little boy who doesn't know what to get his mama for her birthday.  Our reading skills will be to blend and read long ai, ay words ( the rule for spelling these words is ai is usually in the middle of the word EXAMPLE  rain; while ay is usually at the end of the word EXAMPLE  hay.); draw conclusions; review -er, -est, -dge sounds; practice saxon phonics; and practice editing and writing complete sentences using capitals, spacing, phonetic spelling, and appropriate punctuation marks.

In Math we will identify, count and learn the value of coins. (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters)

In Science we will explore objects in the sky.
(Sun, Moon and Stars)

In Social Studies we will continue to identify cardinal directions and use map skills. (ask your child to sing the 4 cardinal directions song) :)
 Upcoming Events...
February 18 ~ Progress Reports (correction)
February 26 ~ No School / Staff Development
March 2 ~ CES Reading Day

Please send us your BOX Tops!  They are due February 23.  Thanks it will help our class!

It's beginning to look a lot like Valentines Day!

The Valentines dance was a hit!  We had some dancing stars!  Some of our friends made it to the dance off!  Congrats to all for having some smooth moves! 

Jenna, Zoe, T'Annie, Levi, and Brooks danced their way to the "dance off!"

Thanks for visiting our class!  We hope you come back next week to see what we are up to!  Parents we appreciate you very much!  Have a great week!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 8-12, 2016 Week 22

We are downhill from here!  Tomorrow will be day 103!  Please keep reading, and practice spelling words, sight words, and addition and subtraction facts.  At the end of this 4th six weeks students are expected to be reading on a level 12. I am thrilled at the excitement that I see when we are reading in class!  Keep it up at home!  

This week we will read a fictional story "Where Are My Animal Friends?"  Our reading skills will be to blend and read words with comparative endings -er, -est;  draw conclusions;  consonant pattern -dge (soft j sound);  contractions with not;  and Saxon Phonics. 

In Math we will add and subtract two digit numbers.

In Science we will revisit weather and seasons.

In Social Studies we will identify the 4 cardinal directions; and maps.

Upcoming Events...

February 11~ Progress Reports

February 12 ~ Valentine Party @ 1:30-2:00
(Our party time has been changed; also if you haven't already, please send $2.00 for our Valentine Party by Wednesday.  The money will help buy items needed for the party.)

February 23 ~ Box Tops are Due (please send our class your box tops)

February 26 ~ No School (Staff Development)

March 2 ~ CES Reading Day for Dr Seuss' BDay

The boys and girls did a fantastic job on their 100's Day Projects!  They were cute and creative!
                         Happy 100's Day!

                         Brooks and his 100 cup igloo!

                                        Jenna is all smiles with her 100's day poster!

                                                   Aboss and his 100-eyed monster!

                                                      David's 100 pom-poms man!
                                        Roland's glittery stars and lit up 100's poster!
                                           Ana's porcupine made with 100 toothpicks!

                                                        Zoe's 100's day flower!


                                                    Kamdyn's 100 tiger stripes!

                                                   Justin and his poster of 100 objects!

                                                       Trinity's 100's day xoxo poster!

                                                      Aubrey and her 100 balloons!

                                                           Sam wore 100 bandaides!

                                                     Yes!  We survived! (I love the back)

                                                               Levi used 100 pennies!

 WoW!  100 feet of yummy cookies!

   Justin, Brooks and Levi came up with number sentences with sums that equal 100!

                                 Mrs. Stegall came by to boogie with us for 100 seconds!

                               Brooks shared his 100 glow bracelets and necklaces with us!

Elias' 100 feathers! 

Elias' project placed in the top 10!

We are 100 days SMARTER!

Thanks for following us!  See you next week!   Happy Valentines Day!