Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 27-31, 2018 Week 3

I can't believe that we are already starting week 3 of school!  We have learned routines, and about each other.  LOL!  Friendships and relationships are being formed.  It's so sweet to watch the boys and girls interact with each other.  The class has our morning math meeting songs and counting down!  Whoopie!  Ask them to sing them for you at home.  We are practicing sounds, sight words and reading in small groups everyday.  Great job! 

This week on Wednesday I will be testing students on the TPRI and checking reading, sight words, and their phonological knowledge.

In Reading this week we will read two different stories.  For the first couple of days we will read "Jamaica's Blue Marker" and discuss parts of a book such as the author, illustrator, cover, title, pages, etc.  Then the last part of the week we will read "A Fine, Fine Day" and notice features of words.  We will also practice rhyming words that end in the short i sound.  Rhyming is a difficult skill even for advanced readers, so please create rhyming words for the words listed on the newsletter. We will identify and write subjects of a sentence;  We will read poems  "Five Little Mice" and "Hickory Dickory Dare" and highlight specific words that we hear in the poem.

In Math we will work on numbers up to 20 using Place Value.  For example students will learn that 19 is 1 ten and 9 ones.  We will use base ten blocks and other manipulatives to build the numbers.

In Social Studies we will continue our unit on rules.  We will discuss creating order.  We will learn about authority figures and why we have rules in our community.

We will start Science lessons after we complete this Social Studies unit on rules.  We rotate Science and Social Studies.

Aug 29 ~ TPRI Testing
Sept 3 ~ Labor Day Holiday
Sept 6 ~ Reading/Writing Night  6-7:30pm
Sept 13 ~ Fall Pictures
Sept 19 ~ Back to School Picnic
Sept 27 ~ Back to School Ball

Friday Fun Centers

Our class got to exercise their fine motor skills by building with Legos, we played games on the Ipads, made words with playdough, and read books in our reading center. Finally CISD personnel director caught us just as we were coming inside from recess.  We've had a very busy and productive week! 

Thanks for stopping in!  See you all next week! ❤ 

Friday, August 17, 2018

August 20-24, 2018 Week 2

We had a great first week of school❣  We were busy reviewing school and classroom rules.  We also reviewed kindergarten skills.  This week we will begin our first grade instruction.  

We have a new reading series called Fountas and Pinnell Literacy.  It focuses on small group reading instruction with students.  We will have shared reading time, interactive read alouds, guided reading groups and students will have independent reading time.

Each week we will read two focus stories and work on reading skills, grammar, and phonics.  Our two stories this week are Elizabeti's School and David's Drawings.  They are fictional stories that are based on children going to school.  

We will work on beginning sounds in words, create rhyming words, and clap syllables in words.  We will work on writing complete sentences.

In Math we will make and read data from a graph.

We will rotate Science and Social Studies lessons.  This week we will have Social Studies and learn more about rules for safety, order, and fairness.

Aug 29 ~ TPRI Testing
Sept 6 ~ Reading/Writing Night 6-7:30
Sept 13 ~ Fall Pictures
Sept 19 ~Back to School Picnic
Sept 27 ~ Back to School Ball

Class Highlights

We had a wonderful week!  Thanks for following our blog.  Please come back next week and see what we are doing in class!  ❤❤❤