Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 14-18, 2015 Week 16

This is our last week before Christmas break!  We have been busy learning lots of new skills and in between making Christmas crafts.  There are only 12 more days until Christmas!     
This week in class we will not have a reading story from our basal or new sight words.  We will read different Christmas books and discuss the main idea; beginning, middle, and end; author's purpose, and sequence of events in the books. We will continue to practice Saxon phonics this week.
We will not have homework this week BUT please keep reading to build fluency.  :)

In math we will practice addition and subtraction; fact families; and missing addends.  We will play games to reinforce these skills.

In Social Studies we will continue to read and discuss how other cultures celebrate traditions and customs.

Upcoming Events...
December 15~Movie, Popcorn and Pajamas
December 17~ Progress Reports
December 18~ Christmas Party @ 9:30-10:00
December 18 ~Free Dress & Early Release @12
December 21-January 1 ~ Christmas Break 

I am excited to congratulate the boys and girls that made outstanding reading progress on the STAR reading test that we took last week!  BRAVO!!!

Please make sure that you send party items to school by Wednesday, December 16.  That way I can make sure that we have everything that we need for a successful party.  My room parent will help me organize everything.  Thanks for your help with sending items.  

  HO HO HO!!!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 7-11, 2015 Week 15

HO HO HO!  Christmas break is just 10 days away!  I hope that the boys and girls have a great break because they have been working very hard!  We are going to be extremely busy these next 10 days!

This week we will read "Ruby In Her Own Time." It is a fictional story about a growing duck family. The author wrote this story to teach you that everyone or everything grows and develops in its own time.  Our reading skills are compare and contrast; blend and read consonant digraphs ng, nk; identify verbs that add -s; abc order; use glossary skills; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will learn relating addition and subtraction to make fact families; and identify the missing addend in number facts.  Example:  Fact Family    3+4=7

Example: Missing Addends  8+___=15

In Science we will investigate soil, rocks, and water. 

In Social Studies we will celebrate  "Who We Are" and learn more about anthems, holidays, and traditions.

December Events...
December 8~ CES Christmas Program at CMS at 6 -7
December 15 ~ Movie, Popcorn & Pajamas
December 17 ~ Progress Reports
December 18 ~ Class Christmas Party @ 9:30-10 
December 18 ~ Free Dress / Early Release
December 21-January 1 ~ Christmas Break

We will decorate cookies at our Christmas Party!  Please see attached to the newsletter what you need to send for the party.  Please send your items by Wednesday, December 16 so that I can get a count of everything we have.  Thanks a bunch!

AboREADum Day on Tuesday!

DOJO REWARD...eating lunch in ArboREADum with me!

                                 Our Little Geologists are 
Investigating and Exploring Rocks!

Did you know that a "diamond" is the hardest kind of rock?
Did you know that a "mountain" is the biggest rock?
Did you know that a "pebble" is the smallest rock?
It takes thousands of years for a rock to form.  
Rocks comes from minerals and there are lots of everyday things that we use that have minerals in them.   Ask your child! :)

Thanks for visiting us this week!  We are counting down until Christmas!  See you next week!  Ho Ho Ho!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 30-December 4, 2015 Week 14

I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  I did!  I ate, watched TV, shopped, ate, cleaned house and ate! My oldest son turned 30 and we had a surprise birthday party for him!  I am so blessed and proud of both of my sons.  They are outstanding young men! I want to share a picture of them with some family and friends...
I love my family!

Before we got out for Thanksgiving we had some fun activities.  We celebrated our friends and made friendship salad.  Each student brought fruit to add to our salad.  We then pulled names and shared something special about each other!  

Thanks parents for sending the fruit! 
It was goooood!  

All students that passed reading the 2nd six weeks got to play in a Hot Shot Reading basketball shootout game!  The boys and girls did a super job hooping it up!  

We've got some superstars!  
Watch out NBA and WNBA!  

This week in learning we will read "A Place to Play."  It is a make-believe story about a community that builds a place for children to play.  Our reading skills this week are to sequence events in a story; blend and read words with vowel sound y as in long e and long i; identify verbs; clap syllables; and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue to work on numbers to 99 using objects, and drawing pictures.

In Science we will investigate the natural world of rocks, soil, and water.

In Social Studies we will celebrate who we are.

Parents ~ I will not send a December snack calendar because we have lots of snacks that will carry us until Christmas break.  The next calendar will be in January.  

Upcoming Events...

December 8~ CES Christmas Music Program held at Commerce Middle School Auditorium at 6.

December 15 ~ Movie, Popcorn and Pajamas

December 18 ~ Class Christmas Party /Early Dismissal

December 21-January 1 ~ Christmas Break

HO HO HO!  Only 3 more weeks until Christmas Break!  

Thanks for visiting us!  See you next week!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 16-20, 2015 Week 13

This is the last week before Thanksgiving!  Things are moving pretty fast!  We will continue to be busy learning new skills and adding some Thanksgiving activities in our routine.  Second six weeks report cards will go home on Thursday.  Please look over your child's report card, keep it and then sign and return the envelope on the back.  Please send envelope back to school on Friday. 

We had lots of activities last week!  First we kicked off the week with a home project where students had to disguise a turkey to look like something else.  WOW!  We had some creative ideas and bravo to you all!  Here are some of our wonderfully decorated hidden turkeys...

This week our reading story is "Honey Bees."  It is a story that tells facts about honey bees.  Our reading skills are to blend and read long e words spelled with e, ee; compare and contrast; discuss antonyms; rhyming words; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue numeration.  We will order and compare numbers.  We will use math vocabulary greater, less, and equal. We will also take out Unit 2 Math Benchmark Test.

In Science we will continue to explore energy and how objects move.

In Social Studies we will identify Goods and Services; and learn Thanksgiving facts and make crafts.

In class last week we identified the author's purpose for writing a story.  We created a character from the story to tell why we thought the author wrote the story. 

Everyday at our morning math meeting we skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.  We made a counting by 10's turkey!  Tell your child to sing the skip counting songs that we sing in class!

We explored how objects move by using magnets to see which objects could move by force.

We had our Thanksgiving meal last Thursday!  Students enjoyed their families joining them for lunch!  Yum Yum!

And finally a great big THANKS to Roland, Brooks, Kamdyn, Aubrey and Trinity for the books from the book fair!  You all know my love for reading! We start and end our day with a read aloud and these will be added to our class library. I will think of you every time I read them! 
 I love you!!!  

Upcoming Events...
Nov. 19 ~ Report Cards / Kona Ice Snowcones
Nov. 20 ~ Early Release
Nov. 23-27 ~ Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 8 ~ CES Christmas Program @ CMS

Come back to see us on November 30!