Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 23-27, 2016 Week 36

8 more days of school!  Where has the time gone?!!!  I am going to miss my little kiddos so much!  We have had a BLAST this year learning, growing, laughing and bonding as friends!  I am very proud of all the success students have had in reading and math!  Students excelled in AR this year!  I wish you could have seen them during reading groups and AR time!  They were so eager to read and take test!  

No more spelling or reading tests!

On Monday, May 23 we will go Glow Bowling in Sulphur Springs to celebrate students earning their AR goals.  I am happy to say that ALL our friends in our class reached their AR goals.

On Tuesday, May 24 we will have another AR celebration for students who earned a blue or gold AR shirt.  Please make sure that your child wears his or her blue or gold AR shirt on this day.

On Thursday, May 26 I will send home all school supplies, consumable books and journals.

On Friday, May 27 we will have our first grade picnic at the City Park.  Pleas send your child a sack lunch with 2 drinks.  Students may bring toys that fit inside their backpack. NO hard bats or balls!  Please write child's name on all objects.

Monday, May 30 is Memorial Day.  No School!

Tuesday, May 31 is Field Day.

Thursday, June 2 is the last day of school. Students will have early dismissal at 12:00.

We have a packed and busy schedule but I am looking for a day to take my students with 100 good behavior stickers to Braums for ice cream!

Congrats to Justin and Kaede for mastering 70 math facts in 6 minutes!    Math Whizzes!

Look who our "Mystery Reader" was on Friday...

 Thanks Mrs. Wilson!  We enjoyed the book!  
You did a fantastic job reading to us!  :)

Thanks for a wonderful year!  

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16-20, 2016 Week 35

We are in the final countdown until school is out!  As of today we have 12 more days of school!  I'm sad that we will be leaving each other soon.   :(  

Last week we were very busy with Math and Reading Benchmark assessments and online STAR tests.  I am happy to say that the boys and girls did a great job!  They took their time to read the passages and questions, they showed their strategy skills when solving the math problems.  They made significant growth on the Literacy STAR test!  Congrats to you all!  :)

Your child has a "Glow Bowling" permission slip  that needs to be signed and returned ASAP.  We will go bowling next Monday, May 23. We plan to go to the Sulphur Springs park afterwards.  Please send your child a sack lunch with a drink on that day.  I will send a reminder on Friday.  

This week we will read "Alexander Graham Bell." It is a biography of his life.  We will blend and read words with vowel sound aw, au; read words with vowel sound -al (ex:ball); sequence events in a story; identify adverbs; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will keep practicing addition and subtraction facts, doubles, and fact families.  At home please make up number facts and let your child solve them.

In Science we will explore animal habitats and the environments around them.

In Social Studies we will continue to learn about inventors and their inventions.  Our main focus is Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Last week we talked about how technology has changed over the years. We are going to make a graph to see if more people used rotary dial phones, push button phones or cell phones when they were younger.

Upcoming Events...
May 18 - CES Family Picnic
May 23 - AR Glow Bowling
May 27- First Grade Picnic @ Park
May 30 -Memorial Day Holiday
May 31- Field Day
June 2 - Last Day of School (early dismissal)

 Aww my sweet class surprised me with a banner that they made in ART!  I love them!!!

We love our wonderful moms!  I hope you liked your Mother's Day cards and are cashing in on the jobs that your child said that they would do for you!

Roland and Saniyah were all smiles because they earned their 25 point AR shirt!  Bravo!  You guys worked very hard! :)

 Look who our "Mystery Readers" were last week...
Thanks Mr. Daniel!  You were such a fun and exciting reader!  We loved listening to you read 
"Tyrone and the Swamp Gang!"

Thanks Mrs. Ericka!  You were a great enthusiastic reader and we loved the book "Wish Come True Cat." You did a super job asking the story questions!  You are always so sweet!

Thanks for following us this week!
12 More Days!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 25-29, 2016 Week 32 AND May 2-6, 2016 Week 33

I am sorry that I got a little behind on blogging last week.  Things have been moving very fast for me.  My younger son got married last Friday and I found out I am having ANOTHER grandson!  WOW!  I am thrilled, happy, excited and on top of the world!  God is so good! 

We will read "Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery!"  It is a fictional story and it also teaches the reader a lesson about how a seed travels from place to place.  We will blend and read words with vowel digraph oo; compare and contrast objects and characters in a story; identify pronouns; add endings to words; discuss asking sentences (interrogative sentences); and practice Saxon Phonics.

                 And our "mystery reader" was...
                   Brooks' mom...Mrs. Kris Ann!

In Math we will continue to work on non-standard units of measurement.  We will use cubes, marshmallows, paper clips, beans, etc to measure different objects,

In Science we will put our zoo animal reports on Chatterpix and learn what our friends found out about their animal.  Everyone did a great job!  Here are a few of our reports...  

In Social Studies we will learn about inventors and their inventions.  We will discuss Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell and others.

We had fun learning about plants and growing our own plants.  

After completing our unit on Economics we walked to the store and spent $1.00. We learned about buyers and sellers AND tax!  LOL!

Zoe's Flat Stanley visited her uncle in New Mexico!  He went to lots of famous landmarks!

Mrs. Ashley was so sweet to come and help us get ready for the zoo!  Thanks Aubrey's mom! 

  Thanks "G" and Mrs. Arelly for 
helping us out at the zoo!

      Look at this beautiful white tiger!  
I was so excited to take this great picture of him looking at me!  Gorgeous!


 Just three more reasons I love to visit the zoo!  We had a BLAST! 

May 2 - CES Music Program
May 6 - Mother's Day Cake Creation 
May 9 - Kona Ice Snowcones
May 18 - First Grade Family Picnic at CES
May 23 - AR Glow Bowling
May 27- First Grade Picnic at City Park
May 30 - No School (Bad Weather Day)
May 31 - First Grade Field Day
June 2 - Last Day of School

We will start our Marvelous May countdown tomorrow.  The leader will pull to find out what fun activity we will be doing each day!

Thanks so much for visiting us this week!  See you next week as we continue our countdown and class activities!