Sunday, January 31, 2016

February 1-5, 2016 Week 21

Hip Hip Hooray! We finally made it!  Wednesday is the 100th day of school!  Please help your child create something that represents the number 100! We will have lots of fun activities to help celebrate this special day!  If you need ideas go to Pinterest.  There are tons and tons of cute and creative ideas!  Have fun creating!  I can't wait to see all the projects on Wednesday!  

We will have our Valentine Party on February 12 at 2-2:30.  Please send $2.00 to help with the cost of the party items.  We will have ice cream sundae cups, cupcakes, and treat bags. 

We had benchmark tests last week and didn't get to cover everything so we will continue the same skills in all content areas as last week. 

In Reading we will read "I'm a Caterpillar."  This is a story about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  We will blend and read words with r-controlled vowels, /er/, /ir/, /ur/; fact and opinion; verbs (am, is, are, was, were); contractions; and Saxon Phonics lessons.

In Math we will read, write and count numbers up to 120.

In Science we will learn how to conserve our natural resources and how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

In Social Studies we will identify the four cardinal directions (north, east, south, west); and learn map skills.

Upcoming Events...
February 3 ~ 100th Day of School
February 12 ~ Valentine Party @ 2-2:30
February 26 ~ No School (Staff Development)

Congratulations to Elias for earning 25 AR points!  

       He is on his way to earning the gold!

We had our Math Marathon last week.  We had graphing, bingo, greater than/less than, place value, time and money activities!

       We sorted paper, plastic, glass, and metal into 
our recycling bins!  

 We even learned that you can recycle denim and money and reuse them in the form of pencils! 

Ryder was a terrific leader.  He led our math meeting!  

We made butterflies after reading "I'm a Caterpillar."  

Finally our beautiful Kaede came in with her hair all curly and pretty!  She looked just like a little movie star...Shirley Temple!  

Thanks for following us...see you next week!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 25-29, 2016 Week 20

We have had so many days off and I am looking forward to when our routine gets back to normal! This week we will have a math marathon on Monday, students will rotate through our 6 first grade classrooms.  Teachers will teach a math lesson over upcoming math skills for the 4th six weeks.  I will be teaching an M&M graphing activity to all of the classes! 
On Tuesday we will have our midyear Reading Benchmark Test.  On Thursday we will have our Math Benchmark Test.  We will have homework only on Monday of this week.  We will have a reading story along with spelling words BUT we will not have a spelling test over the words this week.  We will test over the words next Friday, Feb. 5.  The boys and girls need a brain break! 

Our Reading story this week is "I'm a Caterpillar." It is a nonfiction story about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Reading skills are to blend and read words with r-controlled vowels -er, -ir, -ur;  fact and opinion; verbs (am, is, are, was, and were); contractions; and daily Saxon Phonics.

In Language Arts we are working on editing and writing complete sentences using correct capitals, phonetic spelling, spacing, punctuation, and sentence structure (noun and verb agree).

In Math we will build numbers up to 120.

In Science we will continue Recycling. 

In Social Studies we will identify the 4 cardinal directions (north, east, south, west); and work on map skills.

Important Events...
January 28~Report Cards
February 3~100th Day of School
February 12~Valentine Party 

Our class is leading the way with AR points!  We have so many friends who have earned a shirt!  I am so happy and proud when they get recognized in front of the entire school!  Reading has become such a love for many of them.  They are reading everything in sight! AND I do mean everything!   
Keep it up!  Bravo!  Yay!  Hip Hip Hooray!  
                          Congrats Brooks!

                                                     Way to Go Justin!


                           Bravo Kamdyn!

 Celebrate the dynamic trio!

     Hey wait!  Look who else got a shirt...It's Colton our kindergarten friend earned a blue AR shirt!  Colton comes to our class for reading everyday!  Great job friends!

                Waiting for our math meeting to start!
Our super star singers getting their 
voices ready to SING math songs!


Next week we will see Elias get his blue AR shirt. He earned 25 points on Friday.  He will get his shirt on Monday!  Congrats Elias! 
We are rolling!!! 

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See you next week!

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18-22, 2016 Week 19

If you are a weekly follower,  you can see that me and my OCD self didn't post last week's class activities!   BUT since we have a short 3 day week we are going to stay on the same skills as last week. 

In Reading we will reread "Frog and Toad Together."  We will blend and read words with inflectional endings -ed, and -ing;  past and future tense verbs;  read diagrams;            r-controlled vowels -ar;  identify the author's purpose for writing a story; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will review past learned skills and get ready for our math benchmark test coming up next week.

In Science we will study Conservation.  We will learn about recycling items and how to reduce and reuse objects.

In Social Studies we will discuss the contributions and effects that specific historical leaders have had on our society.

Upcoming Events...
January 22 - No School/Staff Development
January 28 - 3rd Six Weeks Report Cards
January 29 - Jump Rope 4 Heart Money Due
February 3 - 100th Day of School
February 12 - Valentine Party

Congratulations to Kamdyn, Sam, Aubrey, and tomorrow Brooks and Justin for earning 25 AR points and Kamdyn again for earning 50 AR points!   YAY!!!  Eager readers!

Please remember that you have all year to get a shirt.  I love that it has been such a great incentive for your child to want to read! Please pace your child when reading.  I don't want them to feel that they have to hurry to get the 25 or 50 points. Our class is on fire!  Super job to all my students who have AR points!  WOWIE WOW WOW!

Remember in addition to the AR points that can be earned for an AR shirt, all students will be expected to get 12 AR points to go Glow Bowling later in May. These points can be combined so once you reach 25 points, those points can also be used for the bowling trip.

 Learning about fact and opinion can be tasty!  We used Kisses, Whoppers, and M &M's to form facts and opinions about each!

                     We can identify ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans!

        Aubrey, Kamdyn and Sam earned 25 AR points 
and got a blue AR reading shirt!

Happy Birthday Levi!  

We read "Frog and Toad Together."
We made a frog to hold our spelling words and sight words!

Brooks and Justin will receive their blue AR shirt on Tuesday.  Their pictures will be on next week's blog.  Again, I want to congratulate all my students with AR points!  Great job eager readers!!!

Thanks for following us!  Have a happy week!

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4-8, 2016 Week 17

Happy New Year!  Welcome back everybody! We had a great day everyone was bright-eyed and bushy tailed!  I'm sorry that our blog is a little late. I was slow getting back into "school" mode!  But now the switch is back on! 

This week we will read "The Class Pet."  It is a story about a real class that has mice as pets. Our reading skills are to blend and read words with plural -es; identify fact and opinion; read words with r-controlled vowels; identify adjectives; and practice our daily Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue working with numbers up to 99.  We have been working on this skill for several weeks because it includes composing numbers, decomposing numbers, skip counting, place value, greater than, less than, equal to, and many more skills.

In Science we will learn about the different forms of water.  We will learn about rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.  We will discuss freshwater and salt  water.

In Social Studies we will learn about historical figures and what they contributed to society.  We will discuss how their contributions shaped our country.

Please keep reading and practicing spelling and sight words every night.  If you are able, please help your child take AR tests at home.  This is a great way to check their reading comprehension skills. 

When our basal reading story is long, please partner read the story with your child or you can even read it to them, then afterwards discuss the questions at the end of the story. Remember that listening to a story is allowing your child to hear a story read aloud to them which is good for young readers.  Please always ask them story questions to make the reading meaningful.

Upcoming Events...
January 18 - School Holiday
January 22 - Staff Development (No School)

Getting ready for our Christmas Music Program!

We played BINGO!


  Ho Ho Ho!  Look who came to see us!

Beautiful Parents Helping us Celebrate!

And a Proud Grandparent!

"Mmm!" We decorated sugar cookies!

We had a great Christmas! 
 Thanks for visiting us!