Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 15, 2018

I hope that everyone had a great fall break!  The weather is certainly fall temperatures.  This is MY season!  I love it!  It's not too hot and not too cold!  JUST RIGHT!  

I am making a change to how often I post on our class blog.  I am  going to post activities and information once a month.  So my next post will be in November.  However, you will still be able to keep up and know what is going on in our class through the weekly newsletters and DOJO posts that I send.  Thanks for understanding!

I will have parent/teacher report card conferences over the next couple of weeks.  On Friday I will send home a note indicating your scheduled conference time.  After you receive the note please let me know if this date works for you.  I'm looking forward to bragging on your child!  :)

This week we will read books Chester's Way and Mr. George Baker.  We will work on deleting the final sound in a word and adding another letter to make a new word (EX: man = mat)  We will read long a silent e words; read words with soft sounds of consonants c /s/,  g /j/ sounds, ( EX:  age, face)   identify cause and effect; use time order words first, next, then, last; recognize proper nouns; and write complete sentences.

In Math we will tell time to the hour using an analog and digital clock.  We will learn the difference in the hour hand and the minute hand.  We will create a paper plate clock and sing our clock song.

In Science we will explore the three forms of energy.  We will learn about light, heat, and sound.  

October 16-  Kona Ice
October 26 - Picture Retakes
October 29 - Red Ribbon Week 
October 30 - 50th Day of School 
November 19-23  Thanksgiving Holidays

We learned what nouns are...nouns name a person, place or thing.

                          Wednesday fun in the Arboreadum!

Thanks for following us.  We'll see you next month!  Have a blessed October!    ❤ Ms. Harris' Class❤