Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 5-9, 2016 Week 2

Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone has a fun weekend.  This will be a short busy 4 day week for us in class.  We will be working hard to cover new skills.

We will read "Pig in a Wig" in our textbook.  It is a make-believe story about animal fantasy. We will blend and read short i words; identify the plot which is the beginning, middle, end of a story;  identify the subjects of sentences (nouns); learn abc order to the first letter; make short i rhyming words; and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

*Amazing Words will be discussed during the week to build oral vocabulary.  Please discuss meaning at home as well.  

In math we will read, write and count numbers to 20.  We will use counters to compose and decompose numbers up to 20.  

In Science we will continue our study of weather. Last week we made a weather mobile, thermometer, rain gauge, and wind vane.  We discussed how a thermometer is used to measure how hot or cold something is, a wind vane is used to track the direction of the wind, and a rain gauge tells how much it has rained. We learned the word Meteorologist!  

In Social Studies we will learn about chronological time and "time order" words.  We will discuss terms "yesterday, today, tomorrow" and relate them to "past, present, future.
Fun Friday Activities!

DOJO Table Winners!  
Lunch in the ArboREADum!

Look who dropped in to eat with us!!! 
Mrs. Lytle and Mrs. Alderman :)

9/ 6 ~ KONA ICE 
9/ 8 ~ Supper and Classroom Mtg  @ 6-7
9/ 9 ~ Progress Reports/ CHS Pep Rally
9/ 15 ~ Fall pictures
9/ 20 ~ CES Back to School Ball
9/ 21 ~ Shot Clinic @ 9-11
9/27 ~ Early Release
9/29 ~ Progress Reports
10/4 ~ KONA ICE
10-12 ~ Reading & Writing Night 

Thanks for visiting our blog!  Please keep following our adventures in first grade!   Have a great week!  

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