Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12-16, 2016 Week 4

Hello everyone!  I hope that all had a fantastic weekend!  I had a great weekend because I got to keep my new little grandson "Kash!"  He is now 7 weeks old and amazes me every time I see him.  I have to share a picture of him.  He is my LOVE!

We had a busy last week and because of that we will continue our same reading story and reading skills.  

Our story is "Pig in a Wig."  We will blend and read short i words; identify the plot of a story; identify subjects of a sentence;  learn abc order to the first letter; read consonant x/ks/ words; and practice daily Saxon Phonics to build letter sound fluency and word reading knowledge.

In Math we will continue to compose and decompose numbers up to 20.  We will use our tens and ones rods, cubes, and beans to help understand this skill.

In Science we will learn more about the weather. We will discuss types of weather patterns and make a wind sock.

In Social Studies we will discuss leaders and how they make rules for our community.

Upcoming Events...
Sept 14 ~ Shot Clinic 9-11
Sept 15 ~ Fall Pictures
Sept 20 ~ CES Back to School Ball
Sept 27~ Early Release
Oct 12 ~ Reading/Writing Night 6-7
Oct 12 ~ Shot Clinic

Look at what we had going on last week...

                       Wednesday is ArboREADum day for us!

In math we are composing and decomposing numbers!

           YAY Gustavo for being chosen student of the month!  

                  Thanks Mrs. Gena for making Mykira's day! 
 Never know who's watching!
                          CHS Pep Rally Here We Come!

I was thrilled to see two of my former students! 
 Go D.J. and Kedriq!  Go Tigers!

Thanks for visiting us!
 See you next week! 

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