Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 5-9, 2015 Week 7

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend!  I am enjoying the cooler weather and excited about having many more days like today!  :)

WOW!  This is the start of the 2nd six weeks!  
I will be having parent/teacher conferences all week.  I'm excited to conference with you about your child's performance in class!  

This week we will read "Animal Park," it is a nonfiction story about animals in Africa.  Our reading skills are: blend and read short u words, identify cause and effect, identify exclamatory sentences (excited sentences), final consonant blends, and practice Saxon Phonics daily.

In Math we will compose and decompose numbers up to 20 by drawing objects and using manipulatives.

In Science we will learn about the 3 states of matter.  (solid, liquid, gas)

In Social Studies we will discuss the role of a good citizen.

We started an incentive called "Attendance Dollars!"  All students who come to school everyday will get a play dollar and at the end of each month they will be rewarded with a prize from the office.  Some days we will have double dollar day.  :)

Upcoming October Events... 

October 5-13  Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 8 - Early Release at 12:00
October 13 - Dallas Arboredum 
October  21- KONA ICE Snowcones
October 26-30  Red Ribbon Week
October 27 - Reading/Writing Night 

Each week we have a DOJO reward for good behavior!  Last Friday was 'luscious lollipops!" 

       We created birds in a nest to go along with last week's story "Get the Egg!"

                       We learned to tell time to the hour! 

                       "The Clean Desk Fairy" strikes again!  

Thanks for visiting our blog!  
See you next week!  :)

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