Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 12-16, 2015 Week 8

 "Thank you" for coming to your child's report card conference.  I enjoyed visiting with you.  

This week we will be very busy.  We will go to the Arboretum in Dallas on Tuesday.  We will leave at 8:20 and plan to be back at 2:20. We have brand new field trip t-shirts for students to wear.  Your child will need to bring a lunch with 2 drinks. Please pack student lunches in a plastic bag.  Please NO LUNCH BOXES!  I will bring my cooler to put drinks in.  Write name on lunch bags please.  This saves time for me because I will be putting all our lunches together in a box.  If you are going with us please make sure that you go online and get your parking permit. Please read over all Arboretum notes that I have sent home.

On Friday we will go to CHS for the pink-out pep rally.  Our little cheerleaders will perform.  I'm excited to see them cheer!  Go little cheerleaders!

In reading this week we will read a fictional story called "A Big Fish for Max."  Our reading skills are:  sequencing; digraphs sh and th; common nouns; vowel sound a: al (ex: ball); daily Saxon Phonics practicing letter sounds, blending, reading fluency sentences, and coding words.

In math we will continue working with numbers to 20.  We will compose and decompose numbers and learn the base ten system.

In Science we will identify the three states of matter:  liquid, solid, gas

In Social Studies we will continue our study of good citizens.

Last week we had to earn 10 DOJO points to be able to eat lunch and play at Eddie Moore Park.  Congrats to these "good citizens" for doing a fabulous job!  :)

Hmmm! I wonder what next week will be?

Upcoming events...
October 13- Arboretum in Dallas
October 16- CHS Pep rally
October 21- Kona Ice Snowcones
October 26- Red Ribbon Week
October 27- Reading and Writing Night 
October 29- 2nd six weeks Progress Reports

Thanks for following our blog!  Have a wonderful week!   :)

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