Saturday, October 28, 2017

Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2017 Week 12

We had a lot going on last week!  We celebrated the 50th day of school, went on our first A-Team field trip, and had a Reading  Marathon last Friday!  Whew!  

REMINDER:  Please remember when it is your child's snack day.  
I will start sending the calendar online as well as the paper copy so that you can have it handy to see.  The boys and girls enjoy the snacks during our daily read aloud.  Thank you!  We appreciate all that send!

This week we will read "The Big Circle".  It is a made-up story that is fiction.  Our skills this week are to read long o words; sequence story events; identify proper nouns that name days, months, holidays; recognize contractions; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will work on Number Relationships.  We will continue to compare, and build numbers. 

In Science we will discuss Weather and Seasons.  We will learn about the four seasons and what the weather and temperature is like in each season.

In Social Studies we will learn about customs and traditions.  We will discuss traditions in our family, and explore customs and traditions in other cultures.

Upcoming Activities...

Oct 30 - Nov 3 ~ Red Ribbon Week
Monday -Wear red
Tuesday - Crazy Socks
Wednesday - Wear Mixed Up Clothes
Thursday - Wear a Hat
Friday - Tiger Colors

                          Celebrating our Dynomite AR Stars!
                                   Woohoo!  Great Job!

                                                         Exploring with Magnets!

                                 Rockin' 50 Days of School!  
                                   We are 50 days smarter!
           Coolest group of first graders in the WORLD!

                                      We had a fun day!

Thanks for following us!  Come back next week!

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