Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 26-30, 2015 Week 10

This week in learning we will read "Who Works Here?" It is story that tells about real people and events. Our reading skills are to blend and read long i words; identify the author's purpose for writing the story; special titles (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc;) digraphs wh, tch, ph, ch and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue to practice numeration. We will work on place value using base ten blocks and writing the expanded notation form.           (Example)                            
                                           draw 3 tens/9 ones
                                           3 tens and 9 ones 

In Science we will explore force, motion, and sound.  We will have hands on activities so that students can better understand this concept.

In Social Studies we will discuss the needs and wants in a family.  We will learn what is a need and a want. 

*Friday will be a busy day!  Students can wear their Halloween costumes and we are having a movie and popcorn and another surprise activity!  Since it is so much we will take our spelling test on Thursday.  Please help your child practice!  

 Upcoming Events...
Red Ribbon Week  (refer to dress sheet that I sent)

Progress Reports will go home on Thurday

On Friday we will have a movie and popcorn!

November 2 is 50's Day!  Dress in 50's style clothing! Wear poodle skirts, white T's and rolled up jeans!  Get ready to rock and roll!!! 

*We have also started a new AR incentive to encourage students to read!  Students who read and earn 25 or 50 AR points will receive an AR tshirt and sunglasses!  Right now we are in the early stages of taking tests so we look forward to earning more and more points.  We are off to a super start!  

We have the best class and best parents!  :) 
Thanks for everything that you do to help us!  We are learning so much and the boys and girls are doing a great job!  We are truly a class family and I enjoy watching the students work together!  I love them and I can tell that they care about each other!  

                    The hardest little workers in Texas!  

We are using base 10 blocks for place value!

The Clean Desk Fairy strikes again!
Congrats Trinity for keeping your desk neat and clean!

Mrs. Allison stopped by with a visitor...  a cute little frog!  :)
She knew we were a froggy class!

Thank you for following us!  
Please come back next week!  

Happy Halloween!  

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