Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 14-18, 2015 Week 4

This week in learning...

Reading:  The Big Blue Ox  (animal fiction); blend and read short o words; identify the character and setting; and Saxon Phonics lessons

Math:  We will continue addition and begin subtraction to 10.

Science:  Explore the weather

Social Studies:  USA Patriotic Symbols

Look what we did today...we took an AR test!  I know that it's early in the year but I wanted the boys and girls to see how much fun reading and AR testing over a book can be.  We read and took our first AR test in first grade!  BRAVO to all my little smarty pants!  They did a fantastic job!  :)

                            Way to go Levi!

                                   Keep up the great work Zoe!


                                             Terrific job Tre'vion!

                          Elias was excited to see his score!

                                Sam was a pro because he had 
               taken tests before! Awesome job!

 Brooks was all smiles and did a fabulous job!

           Justin said he needed no help!  Way to go!

                  Ana was carefully paying attention                           to the answer choices. Super job!  

We took our AR tests during our reading primetime,  so everyone wasn't in the classroom with us!   Everyone will be included.  The other students will also have opportunities to test. 

 I am also sending your child's username and password along with the AR website in Monday's folder. Once you log on to the site then type your child's username and password and enter, then type in the title of the book and enter. Press start to begin the test.  

Please assist them with taking AR tests over our weekly basal stories, library books, and many of the paper books that I send home. This is a great way to increase reading comprehension skills.  Please let them use the book to go back and check for the answer if they get confused.  If you can't test at home just please read.  The important thing is reading everyday!

Upcoming Events...

September 16 - Kona Ice will be here to sell snowcones.  The costs of the snowcones are on the  little purple flyer that I sent home in the folder. If you send money please send it in an envelope or baggie.  

September 17 - Picture Day and students will bring home their first six weeks progress report.  It will be sent home in the red folder.  

September 24 - CES Back to School Ball

FYI:  If you ever come to eat lunch with your child you can eat in the AboREADum.  :)

That's All Folks!  See you next week!

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