Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2-6, 2015 Week 25

First let me say thanks to all the sweet and thoughtful boys and girls for the amazing birthday presents!  What a pleasant surprise to come to school on a cold Wednesday morning and know that you guys were thinking about me!  I love you all!  

I have the BEST group of first graders!  

This week in learning we will have the same reading skills that were planned for last week.  We will read "A Trip to Washington D.C."; blend and read words with oa, ow sounds; distinguish between facts and details; read and recognize three letter consonant blends; and use adjectives that describe nouns.

In Math we will identify and create objects with 2D shapes.

In Science we will review weather and seasons.

In Social Studies we will build map skills and identify the 4 cardinal directions.  (North, East, South, West)

We have been working EXTREMELY hard this year and we would like to share some of the wonderful things that have been going on in our classroom.  We hope to see you all next week at Open House. 

Upcoming Events...
March 5...Report Cards
March 10...Open House
March 16-20...Spring Break
March 25...Spring Group Pictures
May 13...Tyler Zoo

It was a busy and very out of routine schedule for us last week. During the rain, sleet and snow, we took some time to enjoy the beautiful snow!  

Have a blessed week!

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