Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 11-15, 2017 Week 6

Hi everybody!  I'm sorry I got a little behind blogging so we skipped last week but I will post some pictures of things we did in class.  
Last week we learned about inflectional ending -s and -ing.  We talked more about the traits of a good citizen.  We all agreed that we are good citizens.  LOL!  In math we reviewed tens and ones. We started addition and identified the plus and equal signs.  We learned the math vocabulary "in all, how many, altogether, and total."   We let "Brain Pop" help us!

We had college students visiting from China.  They came to watch our "Nurture Group" lesson and decided to stay a little longer and teach us how to write our name in Chinese.  They also taught us how to say "please and thank you".  We enjoyed them and they enjoyed us! 

We had a great time with our new friends!

This week we will read "Get the Egg".  It is realistic fiction because it is a story that could really happen.  Our reading skills are: blend and read short e words, identify main idea and details, recognize interrogative sentences which are asking sentences, discuss fairy tales and folktales, and practice daily Saxon phonics lessons.

In Math we will continue to work on addition.  We will use manipulatives to add.  We will work on part part whole mats and learn new vocabulary "addends."

In Science we will explore the 3 States of Matter (liquid, solid, gas)

In Social Studies we will continue to identify the traits of a good citizen.  We will read about some historical figures that were good citizens.

Upcoming Events...
Sept 5-21 - Mr & Miss CES Fundraiser
Sept 14 - Fall Pictures
Sept 20 - Family Picnic @ 12-1 on playground
Sept 28 - Back to School Ball

Our class is outstanding!  They work hard and support each other each!  It is so sweet to watch as they clap and cheer each other on!

                   Recognizing the characters and setting 
                   in last week's story "The Big Blue Ox"

            Taking a little "brain break" with Go Noodle!

                        Identifying and sorting Properties!

Thanks for following us! We appreciate you keeping up with what we are doing in class!   Have a great week!  :)

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