Saturday, September 16, 2017

September 18-22, 2017 Week 7

This week in learning we will read "Animal Park."  It is a literary nonfiction story about wild animals in Africa.  Our reading skills are read short u words, identify cause and effect, recognize exclamatory sentences (excited sentences), antonyms (opposites) and Saxon Phonics.  

In Writing we will write in our journals four days a week and one day a week we will write using our 5 rubric checklist.  A grade will be taken weekly from the 5 rubric checklist writing.

In Math we will work on subtraction facts.  We will use a whole-part-part mat and manipulatives to take away.  We will learn the vocabulary words "minus, take away, how many left."

In Science we will explore the Three Forms of Energy (Heat, Light, Sound)

In Social Studies we will learn about historical figures that were good citizens.  

Upcoming Events...
Sept 20 ~ Family Picnic on playground 12-1
Sept 28 ~ Back to School Ball
Oct 13 ~ No School
Oct 16-20 ~ Fall Break
Oct 24 ~ 50th Day of School
Oct 26 ~ Report Cards
Oct 30-Nov 3 ~ Red Ribbon Week

                           Using manipulatives to Add!

                             Sorting the 3 States of Matter!
                                       Solid, Liquid, Gas

                         Wait! Are these clouds a solid, liquid, or gas?

                            Experiments require safety goggles!

Thanks for visiting us this week.  
We'll see you next time!

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