Sunday, August 27, 2017

Aug 28-Sept 1, 2017 Week 4

We had another great week of learning!  I already see progress in students.  We are rocking and rolling in class.  We have the ipads twice a week and we will be taking AR tests during these times.  I sent home your child's AR username and password last Friday in blue folders.  Please keep that information for when you take AR tests at home.  Any questions please contact me.  We went to the ArboREADum last Wednesday.  Although I was TPRI testing during this time, I know that the students had a great time reading in the boat and cave, exploring the listening center and using the mini ipads. 

We started our nurture groups and discussing how we feel and why.  We will discuss this twice a week.  We made engine plates.  Ask your child to tell you about it.

We will read "The Big Blue Ox", the genre is animal fantasy and it's about a make-believe animal family that act like people.  Our reading skills are to blend and read short o words,  plural -s;  identify the character and setting in a story; and recognize predicates (action part);  We will practice blending, reading and coding words in Saxon Phonics. 

In Math we will work on foundations of numbers to 20.  

In Science we will Investigate Properties and Patterns.
We will identify the size, weight, texture and color of objects.

In Social Studies we will continue Community Rules.

Upcoming Events...
Aug 31 ~ Progress Report
Sept 4 ~ Holiday
Sept 4-21 ~ Mr & Miss CES Fundraiser
Sept 14 ~ Fall Pictures
Sept 19 ~ Kona Ice
Sept 20 ~ Family Picnic on Playground  (12-1pm)
Sept 28 ~ Back to School Ball  (6-7:30)

We took Junie B to the park...
Read Aloud and Popsicles at the Park!

                         I've already fallen in love with this group

and Ms. Higgs has too!

Bravo to this friend for an excellent week!

Thanks for visiting us this week!  

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