Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24-28, 2017 Week 33

Hi everyone!  We have been some busy little bees over the last couple of weeks.  As the school year winds down we will get even busier! Yes things are going to be moving fast with lots of activities!  Last week we took our reading books to the park and read our story and we also had a Saxon Phonics lesson there.       

                         I'm already missing these cute faces!

This week we will go to the Tyler Zoo on Friday.  Students will need to bring a sack lunch and two drinks.  Please label all food and drink items and pack lunch in a plastic bag or sack.  We will eat lunch on the bus on the way to the zoo. Please wear tennis shoes so that your feet are comfortable when walking around the zoo.  If your child is riding back with you from the zoo then please send a note by Thursday letting me know.

Last week we read "Tippy Toe Chick, Go!  This week we will read the same story and reading skills. This story is Animal Fantasy.  Our skills are read words with diphthongs -ou, -ow; vowel digraphs -oo; identify characters, setting, plot; syllables -le; recognizing imperative sentences; Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will finish up our Measurement Unit.  We have been practicing measuring objects using nonstandard units.  We used marshmallows, paper clips, unifix cubes, plastic circles, etc to explore how long and wide some objects were.

In Science we are learning about the parts and functions of plants.  This week we are creating and labeling a plant.  We will grow our own plant.  We will also learn about how people use plants in some of the everyday things that we use.

In Social Studies we will look at locations on a map and create a map of the world.  We will learn about the continents as we label the parts of the map. 

April 28 ~ Tyler Zoo
May 2 ~ CES Music Program / Kona Ice Snowcones
May 10 ~ Family Picnic
May 12 ~ AR Glow Bowling (students have to have 12 pts)
May 19 ~ First Grade Picnic at the City Park
May 22 ~ Field Day
May 24 ~ Last Day of School

Fun Times Learning!
We are measuring, learning about plants, making a fairy garden in STEMS class, remembering facts about the Liberty Bell, writing spelling words in shaving cream and reading and playing at the park!  WHEW!

Park Fun!

                                                                Measuring with circles!

                                        Writing spelling words using shaving cream!

                                               Making a Fairy Garden in STEMS class!

      Hip Hip Hooray!
   Colton earned over 100 AR points!  

                                                     We remember the "Liberty Bell"

                                                  More measurement with unifix cubes!

       We had lots of practice 
    with nonstandard measurement!

        We have been learning about plants, and 
         today we made a plant and labeled the parts!

 My former student Luke Hooten and his mom Kathleen brought their famous goat "Cabo" to our school.  She read her book about Cabo.  We enjoyed seeing him!

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog!  
   Have a super fantastic week!  

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