Sunday, May 7, 2017

May 8-12, 2017 Week 35

Only 13 more days of school!  It's a bittersweet feeling because I am going to miss my kiddos so much! This is such a great class and I have enjoyed learning and watching them grow!  I am so sad but I also know we've worked very hard this year and deserve a break! I am proud of the boys and girls with the way they have bonded, loved and helped each other this year.  It's so sweet how we clap for each other's successes and care for one another.  We have made some lasting friendships! This class will always have a special place in my heart! 

We will read the same story "Mole and the Baby Bird".  It is animal fantasy because the characters are animals that talk.  We will read words with vowel patterns ou, ow; identify pronouns; draw conclusions; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will learn how to solve addition and subtraction facts; and work on related facts that are called fact families.  
6+8=14             14-8=6
8+6=14             14-6=8

In Science we will explore animals and environments.  We have been reading many books that show us how baby animals resemble their parents, and what the different kinds of animal habitats are.

In Social Studies we will review Goods and Services.  We will review and identify what is a good and a service.

May 10 ~ Family Picnic on the playground
May 12 ~ AR Glow Bowling (must have 12 AR pts to go)
May 19 ~ First Grade Picnic at City Park
May 22 ~ Field Day
May 24 ~ Last Day of School

         I was star struck because one of my favorite author's  
Jerry Pallotta came to CES! 
 I have lots of his books and I was so happy that he signed them! 
 My class and I love reading his books!  

   Look at these fabulous AR readers!  Gustavo, Mykirea, Genesis, and Cayden earned 25 AR pts to get a red shirt.  Eli, Mariyah and Devyn earned 50 pts to get a blue shirt and sunglassses. Greenlei earned 100 points and got a certificate and a trip to her favorite restaurant for lunch!
                                      Super job to you all!  You are outstanding reader leaders!

                                                               We had fun at the zoo!
                          WOW! Amazing close up of a giraffe!   He is tall and his tongue is long!!!

                                     There's nothing better than enjoying the zoo with friends!


    Bravo to Aiwa, Gustavo, Michael, Mariyah, Genesis and Dixie
 for singing their little hearts out at the Music Program!

Thanks for dropping by!  

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