Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 9-13, 2017 Week 19

It Snowed!  We went outside and played for a while.  Aiwa is from Hawaii and she had never experienced snow before.  It was so sweet to watch her catch the snow in her hands! *************


This week we will read "Ruby in Her Own Time."  It is a story that is animal fantasy and it's about a growing duck family whose characters can talk.  Our reading skills are to blend and read words with consonant patterns "ng" and "nk"  We will compare and contrast; tell synonyms for words; make compound words; and Saxon Phonics.  We will also take our Unit 2 Reading Test.

In Math we will compose and decompose numbers up to 120 using base ten manipulatives.

In Science we will explore natural resources of water such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.  We will identify water sources that contain salt and/or freshwater.

In Social Studies we will learn about the contributions of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Upcoming Events...
Jan 11- A-Team Field Trip to Movies
Jan 16 - No School MLK Holiday
Jan 18 - Shot Clinic at CES
Jan 19 - Progress Reports
Feb 2 - 100th Day of School
Feb 14 - Valentines Party
Feb 23 - Math/Science Carnival

We had a busy fun week!  We made ice cream, won the Hot Shot Reading Basketball competition, and played in the snow! 

Ice Cream!

                                          Hot Shot BB Competition Winners!

                         They have some nice basketball shooting skills!

Congrats Colton for working hard and 
being chosen Student of the Month!  

Thanks for stopping by!  See you next week!  

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