Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 23-27, 2017 Week 21

Hi everybody!  I didn't post anything last week and I'm sorry so I will be adding last week's highlights in this post.  We went to the movies last week for our A-TEAM field trip.  We had a blast and I felt like a kid again because I enjoyed the movie "Sing" as well. I'm buying that movie when it hits stores. 

This week we will read "Frog and Toad Together." It is animal fantasy because the animals talk and do things that people would do. Our reading skills are to isolate final phonemes; add endings 
-ed, -ing; read words with  r-controlled ar;  recognize  author's purpose; identify past and future verbs; and practice daily Saxon Phonics. 

In Math we will recognize and identify the value of a penny, nickel, dime and a quarter.  We will count mixed sets of coins.  Students will learn to count money using the "hairy money" strategy. 
 This is a strategy where we draw each coin a hair that adds up to the value of the coin.  Each hair equals 5 cents except for a penny equals one dot.  We count the hairs first and then the dots last. We just started this and with lots of practice we will be counting money very well real soon.  Please ask your child about it and help them count money at home using "hairy money" strategy. 
penny = 1 dot
nickel = 1 hair    
dime = 2 hairs
quarter = 5 hairs

In Science we will explore soil and discuss the different types of soil textures.  We will learn about ways we use soil in everyday life.

In Social Studies we will examine the life of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We will look back into the past and find out their contributions to American society.

Upcoming Events...
January 27 ~ Math Marathon (students will learn upcoming math skills and rotate through all 6 first grade classes)

February 2 ~ 100th Day of School  (Get busy creating something that represents the number 100!  You can wear or make something to bring to school and it will be displayed for all to see.)

February 14 ~ Valentines Party and we will also have a Valentines dance in the gym during PE time.

February 15~ Shot Clinic

February 23 ~ Math/Science Carnival

March 6-10 ~ Public School Week

March 13-17 ~ Spring Break 

We have such a great group of students and we love each other so much!  We've had lots of activities over the last couple of weeks!

   YAHOO Super reader Greenlei 
  for earning 50 AR pts!  

                                         Learning about "fact and opinion"

                                Look who our "Mystery Reader" was!

                       Thanks Mrs. Alderman for reading to us!

                                 We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and wrote about
                                   what we thought would make the world a better place.

A-TEAM trip to the movies! 

                                    We made snow in STEMS class!

Thanks for visiting our class!  Please come back next week!  

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