Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 3-7, 2016 Week 7

REPORT CARD CONFERENCES...We will have report card conferences on October 10.  It will be for students that are failing or have behavior concerns.  I will send notes home tomorrow.  If you don't receive a note it is because your child is on grade level and doing a good job in class.  If you don't get a note and you would like to conference please contact me.  

We will read "Get the Egg!"  It is a made-up story that could really happen.  Our reading skills are blend and read short e words; read words with blends; recognize the main idea and details in a story; identify and write interrogative sentences (asking sentences);  read and discuss fairy tales and folktales; and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

 Math ~ Add and Subtract numbers up to 10.

 Science ~ 3 states of matter  (liquid, solid, gas)

 Social Studies ~ Exemplifying Good Citizenship

October 4 ~ Kona Ice Snowcones
October 10 ~ No School (Report Card Conf)
October 11 ~ Reading and Writing Night (correction)
October 25 ~ Early Release

OCTOBER SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER FORMS will be in your child's folder tomorrow.  Please browse through it and see if you would like to order books.  Orders are due on Friday, October 7.

I have the hardest working little class in TEXAS!

                Primetime Reading!  DEAR Time!
Drop Everything and Read!

Recognizing Declarative Sentences!

Learning Main Idea and Details

                                Look who came to see us!
A clown from the circus that is coming to town!  

  Thanks for dropping in!  See you next week!  

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