Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 26-30, 2016 Week 6

YAY!  Fall is here!  My favorite season...looking forward to cooler days! 

We will read "A Fox and a Kit."  It is a nonfiction story about a fox and her baby.  Our reading skills are: blend and read words with inflectional ending -s; inflected ending -ing; identify the main idea and details in a story; recognize and write a declarative sentence; put words in abc order; and practice Saxon Phonics.  

In Math we will use manipulatives and draw pictures to add and subtract numbers.  We will learn vocabulary words add, join, altogether, plus, in all, total, subtract, difference, minus.

In Science we will explore the properties of matter.

In Social Studies we will recognize good citizens.

Sept 27 ~ Early Release
Oct 4 ~ Kona Ice Snowcones
Oct 12 ~ Reading & Writing Night

Please remember to send us your boxtops!  

Our class works so hard!

These friends were looking so cute at the 'Ball!"

Devyn and Bella are all smiles!

Greenlei and family enjoying the festivities! 

Finally we had a visit from my dear friend Mrs. Oats and her Little Ark friends!  
They were learning the letter A so they came to visit our ArboREADum!

Thanks for stopping by to visit our class blog!  We'll see you next week!  :)

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