Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 10-14, 2016 Week 8

Once again I am excited because I have a new grandson that was born on Tuesday.  His name is Karter and we are so blessed that he has come into our lives! As you can tell I am a proud "Gandee!"   Blessed beyond measure!

                         BRAVO CLASS!
 Congrats to the boys and girls for being so great with the sub on Tuesday.  She said they were awesome and that she wished every class was like them.  That made me proud!  I don't like leaving them but I am thrilled to know that they are on their best behavior while I'm away!  Yay class!!!

This is a short week for us and we are working double time to cover our skills for the week.  

We will read "Animal Park."  We discussed why the author wrote the story and if the story was real or make-believe.  Our reading skills are blend and read words with short u; identify cause and effect; recognize final blends in words; discuss antonyms; Saxon phonics; and identify and write exclamatory sentences.

In Math we will tell time to the hour using analog and digital clocks.

In Science we will continue discussing properties and matter.

In Social Studies we will continue good citizens. We will discuss Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Upcoming Events...
Oct 18 - Nov 3 ~ PTO Kahuna Fundraiser
Oct 20 ~ Report Cards (Conferences)
Oct 24-28 ~ Red Ribbon Week
Oct 25 ~ Early Release
Oct 26 ~ A-Team Field Trip (reward for attendance)

      Last week  we read "Get the Egg" 
and made birds inside a nest.  


                                We are learning to tell time to the hour
                              on an analog and digital clock.

                                             Yep that's right Eli it's 6:00!

 We sorted beginning blends 
and digraphs!
                             Mariyah saying the "gl" blend!

                                                 "tr"  blend starts train

                                         "wh" digraph starts whiskers

                       Raygan, Genesis, annd Camila                         
Writing the beginning blends independently!

                       Charley listens as Michael identifies his blend.

                               Colton says that "sh" starts shark!

Last week we used Whole-Part-Part
 mats for subtracting numbers!

Thanks for following us this week! 
Tune in next week for more highlights!  

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