Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 19-23, 2016 Week 5

 This week we will be very busy again.  We have the "Back to School Ball" on Tuesday night.  On Friday we will have a "Math Marathon" during school.  The math marathon will be students rotating throughout all six first grade classrooms and each first grade teacher will teach a math activity that relates to the grade level curriculum.

We will read "The Big Blue Ox."  It is a fictional story about an ox.  We will blend and read short o words;  recognize the character and setting in a story; identify predicates in a sentence (action part -verbs); read words with plural -s;  and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue composing and decomposing numbers up to 20 using concrete objects.  We will have a test on Thursday.  

In Science we will investigate properties of matter.

In Social Studies we will learn and discuss the roles of leaders and authority figures are in our homes and community. and discuss their roles.

Calling All Box Tops!!!  Please send us your box tops.  This helps our class earn money to buy things for our classroom!  Thank you!

Upcoming Events...
Sept 20 ~Back to School Ball @6
Sept 27~ Early Release
Sept 29 ~ Progress Reports
Oct 4 ~ Kona Ice
Oct 12 ~ Reading and Writing Night 6-7pm
Oct 12 ~ Shot Clinic 9-11am

We created windsocks and tested  
wind direction and wind speed outside.  

We played "OOPS" a sight word game with partners in class!

We learned that the plot is the beginning, middle and end of a story.
We sequenced "The Three Little Pigs" by putting the story in order.

We had an additional Science lesson with Mrs. Bridges.  She introduced the 3 states of matter and we discussed properties of matter.  We will continue this skill over the 
next couple of weeks in class.

             We observed how heat changes objects like this ice cube...

  AND Wowie Wow Wow!  We baked cookies on the inside windshield of MY CAR!  Can you believe it?!!! 
It was hot enough to bake cookies!

These engaging activities really helped the students 
understand the concept of how heat changes matter.

                Thank you Charley for the cute frogs and seashells! 
We are glad you are back!

Thanks again for taking time to visit us!
Have a fantastic week!

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