Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 6-10, 2015 Week 29

This week we are reading "Tippy-Toe Chick Go!" Our skills are to recognize the characters, setting, and plot in a story; blend and read words with diphthong "ow";read words with final stable -le; and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will identify 3D shapes and the number of vertices and faces each shape has.

In Science we will continue "Exploring Objects in the Sky."

In Social Studies we will learn more about Making Economic Choices.  (Goods and Services;  Needs and Wants;  Buyers and Sellers)

Upcoming Events...
April 15 - Children's Museum
April 23 - Report Cards
May 6 - Planetarium
May13 - Tyler Zoo
May 27 - AR Glow Bowling (students have to have 10 AR pts)
May 28 - First Grade Picnic
June 2 - Field Day
June 5 - Last Day of School

In P.E. our class won a popcorn and movie party for buying the most field day tshirts in first grade!  YAY!!!      

We will have a "Mystery Reader" on Friday! I wonder who it will be....SHHHHHH!   


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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