Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 30-April 3, 2015 Week 28

We had a super week!  The weather was beautiful!  We finally walked to the store. We connected our store trip to math and social studies.  We learned the value of money and also about goods and services AND buyers and sellers.

                                 We are off to the store!

                             YAY!  We had so much fun!

This week in learning we will read "Henry and Mudge."  We will blend and read words with suffixes -ly and -ful; identify cause and effect; use adjectives that compare -er and -est;  blend and read words with vowel digraph "oo"; and decode, and read words and short paragraphs from Saxon Phonics.

 Math - Time to the Half-Hour and continue practice with fractions.   

Science - Objects in the Sky (sun, moon, and stars)

 Social Studies - Making Economic Choices 

April 2 - Progress Reports
April 3 - Early Release at 11:50
April 15 - Children's Museum 
April 23 - Report Cards
May 6 - TAMU Planetarium (cost is $4)
May 13 - Tyler Zoo Trip
May 27 - AR Glowing Bowling
May 28 - First Grade Picnic
June 2 - Field Day
June 5 - Last Day of School

              Learning about fractions sure taste GOOD!

                             Thanks for visiting our blog! 

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