Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 13-17 Week 30

Although this post is a little late...this is what we did last week!

Last week our story was "Mole and the Baby Bird."  We worked on drawing conclusions, vowel patterns ou, ow; pronouns; abc order; and blending, coding and reading in Saxon Phonics.

MATH- We worked on nonstandard units of measurement.  We measured with cubes and paper clips.  (In first grade we measure with nonstandard units to help give us lots of practice before we actually use inches)

SCIENCE:  Living and Nonliving

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Technology Past and Present

Upcoming Events:
Children's Museum - April 15
Report Cards - April 23
Planetarium - May 6
Tyler Zoo - May 13
AR Glow Bowling - May 27
First Grade Picnic - May 28
Field Day - June 2
Last Day of School - June 5 

Our mystery reader was...Mrs. Ericka!  She came bringing treats!

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