Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 20-24 Week 31

I can't believe that this is the last six weeks of school!  We have learned so much this year!  
Hold on because we have lots of activities and field trips coming BUT please let's not forget to keep reading and practicing spelling and sight words every night.

In Reading this week we will read "Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery."  Our skills are to blend and read words with vowel digraph oo; compare and contrast; pronouns I and me; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue measurement.  We will measure with marshmallows, paper clips, cubes, etc.   

In Science we will continue to identify the characteristics of living organisms and nonliving objects. (Please send a baby photo of your child so that we can play a game of "Who am I?" We will try to guess who the student is and how they have changed.)

In Social Studies we will learn how technology has changed from the past to present.  

Upcoming Events...
April 23 - Report Cards
May 6 - Planetarium
May 13 - Tyler Zoo
May 27 - AR Glow Bowling
May 28 - First Grade Picnic
June 2 - Field Day
June 5 - Last Day of School

We measured using cubes. Students had fun measuring objects from beginning to end! 

Smile big!  Oscar and Matti lost a tooth over the weekend!

I always love it when my students volunteer to read to our class!  
They read with excitement and confidence!

Thanks Emily great job!

Way to go Yael!  Terrific job!

Super job Shiloh!

Awesome reading Jordyn!

Fun Friday Time!

Students brought 3D shapes from home! 

Trinity's cone

Matti's cube

Robert's sphere

Madeline K's cyclinder

Yael's cyclinder

Avery's rectangular prism

Oscar's cube

Shiloh's sphere

Hunter's sphere

 Emily's cylinder

Jordyn's cylinder

Wyatt's rectangular prism

Madeline H's cyclinder
Thanks guys for doing your homework!!!

We will have another "Mystery Reader" this week.  I wonder who it will be?!!!  SHHHHHHH!  Stay tuned...

Have a fabulous week!


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