Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 27-May 1, 2015 Week 32

Time is flying by!  This is the last week of April and our time together is getting shorter and shorter.  :(

This will be our last week of homework and Friday will be our final spelling test.  We will still practice spelling words but they will be from the word wall.  Students will dictate (write) sentences using words from the word wall.  I will grade the dictated sentences for correct spelling, spacing, and punctuation.  This grade will take the place of the weekly spelling test grade.  

In reading this week we will read a non-fiction story called "Simple Machines."  We will integrate reading and science by learning parts of machines.  Skills for this week are to blend and read words with diphthongs oi, oy;  read to find the main idea and details; pronouns; homonyms; and daily blending, coding and reading in Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will work on addition and subtraction; we will learn fact families which are related addition and subtraction facts.

In Science we will learn about parts of a plant (seed, roots, stem, leaf, flower).  We will grow our own plants in class. 

In Social Studies we will learn how technology has changed from the past to now.

Thanks to Mr. Walker for hosting a PE party for our class!  We bought the most field day t-shirts in first grade!  The boys and girls were treated to a movie, popcorn, and drinks!  Way to go guys!

We will have another "Mystery Reader" this week!  I wonder who it will be?  Shhhhh!!!

Upcoming Events...
May 5 - I will be out for a Technology Conference
May 6 - Planetarium (cost is $4.00... please send ASAP)
May 13 - Tyler Zoo trip (please sign and return permission slip)
May 22 - CES Family Picnic(  First grade will start at 11:30-12:30.  Bring your lawn chair and eat a hotdog and all the fixins and enjoy with your child on our playground)
May 27 - AR Glow Bowling (Sulphur Springs)
May 28 - First Grade Picnic
June 2 - Field Day
June 5 - Last Day of School

We measured using marshmallows this past week.  
It was a tasty lesson! 

Even our principal Mrs. Stegall got in on the activity!

This class loves to READ!

Thanks sweet Matti for Kermit the Frog! 
 We changed its name to Matti!


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