Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 5-9, 2018 Week 27

Hi everybody!  I'm back and missed y'all for two weeks.  We've been extremely busy these last couple of weeks learning new skills, testing, and getting ready for Open House.

This week we will reread Cinderella.  It is a fairy tale with a prince and princess and other made up characters.  Our reading skills are vowel digraphs ea; compound words; adjectives; and identify the theme in stories.  We will practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will identify 2D shapes.  We will discuss faces and vertices of shapes.

In Science we will explore plants and be able to name the parts of a plant.  We will make a plant and label each part.

In Social Studies we will investigate maps and landforms.  We will build a map and identify the 7 continents using the 4 cardinal directions.  We will also make a landform art activity with the ocean, river, mountains, plains, etc,

March 8 ~  Open House 5:30-6:30
March 12-16  ~ Spring Break
March 20 ~ Children's Museum
April 13 ~ Tyler Zoo Trip

Jemma and I went to see the Junie B Jones musical!  I've been reading Junie B to my classes for 20 years and it never gets old.      I am Junie B's biggest fan!  Thanks Jemma for this special treat!

                                 It was a great performance!

 After ending our unit on money, we walked to the store and spent $1.  We learned a lot about Financial Literacy.  We learned about tax, making choices, wants and needs, and goods and services!  

Hmmm decisions, decisions!

The students were so good that the clerk gave them all candy bars!

Mrs. Oats and our new friends from Little Ark came and read with us.  We read books, got on ipads and then wrote about our experiences in our journals.  We had a fun time together!

Our class reading with our 2nd grade reading buddies!

   The Clean Desk Fairy came to visit Izear and Mia!  Thanks for keeping your desk neat and clean!

   We learned about Living and Nonliving Objects!  We compared a real earthworm to a gummy worm.  A real worm eats, moves, reproduces, and grows.  

                       No No Addison!  That's the real worm!

                    We explored fractions and parts of a set.  

We tasted peppermints and then used adjective to describe them.

Thanks Tessa for the books that you bought me at the Book Fair!

                                     Congrats Alondra!
                                    I'm so proud of you!

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