Friday, October 20, 2017

October 9-27, 2017 Weeks 10 and 11

We made it to Fall Break!  One whole week of vacation!  

We will have 2 weeks of class information in this blog!  

We will stay on the same reading story as last week.  We will take our reading book test on Thursday.  

We will have Reading Marathon this Friday.  Students will rotate through the other 4 first grade classrooms and be involved in a hands on mini lesson about a first grade reading skill.  Last month we had Math Marathon and the students enjoyed it!

This week we will read "Who Works Here?"  It is an Expository text that tells about real people and events.  Our reading skills are to blend and read long i words; identify the author's purpose for writing a story; special titles, digraph ch, wh, tch, ph; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will continue numbers up to 99.  We will use base ten blocks, manipulatives and draw pictures to build and compare numbers.  We will discuss greater than, less than, equal to; standard form and expanded notation.   

In Science we will investigate Force, Motion, and Energy.  We will learn about some objects that you push or pull.

In Social Studies we will continue Good Citizenship.  Students will end the unit by sharing two things that make them a good citizen.  All good citizens will receive a good citizen certificate!  :)

We work so hard in class!  Ask your child what we are learning. Don't accept "nothing" as an answer or "I don't remember!"    We work too hard for that!   LOL!  I love my smart kiddos!  :)

Upcoming Events...
Oct 16-20 ~ Fall Break
Oct 24 ~ 50th Day of School (wear poodle skirts, white t-shirts, rolled up jeans)
Oct 26 ~ A-TEAM field trip  (sack lunch/2 drinks needed)
Oct 26 ~ Report Card)
Oct 30-Nov 3 ~ Red Ribbon Week


Congrats Aidan for earning 25 AR pts!
That shirt looks good on you!   BRAVO!

Look who else earned their shirts!  
Way to go Tessa and Parker for earning
25 AR points and a shirt!  YAHOO!

Congrats Jacoby for earning 50 DOJO pts 
and winning the BIG prize!

These friends sold tickets for the Fundraiser 
and celebrated with popsicles!

Eating with friends makes lunch so much 
more yummiER!"

                                                          Future tigers and a cheerleader!
                                                                          Go little tigers!

                                                           Recess time with friends! 

We learned about "Proper Nouns"
and made proper nouns pizzas. 
Raise the flap to reveal the proper noun!

                                                   Our pizzas looked so real that we thought we
                                                      could eat them!  Yea proper nouns!

                               We discussed local and state authorities
                                                and the roles that they have. We learned 
                                                 that Commerce has a mayor and the
                                                  state of Texas has a governor.

We explored the 3 Forms of Energy!  

I miss you all and I'll see you on Monday!  Have a great ending to a wonderful fall break!  Thanks for following us!  

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