Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2-6, 2017 Week 9

I hope you are enjoying this nice fall weather.  Two more weeks until our fall break!  I'm proud of the hard work that students are doing in class.  They have learned so much in these last two months.  Keep up the great work and continue reading and practicing sight words at home!

 I have made a slight change to the homework.  We will continue to have an ELA activity sheet and a reading book each Monday, continue on Tuesday to have a math activity sheet and a book,  BUT from now on we will just have a book to read on Thursday.  Please remember to write title of book on reading log.  

We will read "The Farmer in the Hat."  It is realistic fiction that has characters that act like real people.  Our reading skills are to read long a words; identify cause and effect; recognize proper nouns, read soft c sound - face; soft g sound - cage; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will count, compare, and build numbers up to 99.  We will use base ten blocks and manipulatives.

In Science we will explore Force and Motion. 

In Social Studies we will discuss good citizens and learn about local and state authorities.

October 13 ~ Student Holiday
October 16-20 ~ Fall Break
October 24 ~ 50th Day
October 26 ~ Report Cards
Oct 30-Nov 3 ~ Red Ribbon Week

                           Congrats Alondra!  Miss CES!
   I ran into these 3 little beauties at the Back to School Ball!
                        Digraphs "Sh and Th" game with partners!               

                             "Tick Tock  Tick Tock!"  
                                         Let's practice time on the clock!


3 Forms of Energy Sort!

We can read final blends!

Look who our "Mystery Reader" was...Thanks Mrs. Alderman!

Another surprise "Mystery Reader"...Thanks Mr. Burns!

Reading the digital time and setting our analog clocks to match!

                                                                 Cause and Effect

BeCAUSE we pushed a domino the EFFECT was that they all fell down!

We put this together and made a "cause and effect" chain!

Thanks for stopping by to visit! See you next week!

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