Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 28-April 1, 2016 Week 28

I hope that all have a Happy Easter!  

I didn't send out a Scholastic Book form for March but I am sending one for April.  Please look through the flyer and see if there are any books that you would like to order for your child.  Many of the books are AR.  Order form is due this Friday, April 1.

In Reading we will read "Peter's Chair."  It is nonfiction and it is AR!  Students can take a test over the story.  Our reading skills are to blend and read words with vowel digraphs ui, ue, ew; identify the theme of a story; compound words; syllables; use adjective to tell how many; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will identify fractions. We learn about equal parts and parts of a set. We will eat some fractions! :)

In Science we will identify living and nonliving objects.  We will also start our unit on plants.

In Social Studies we will continue to discuss making economic choices. We will review goods and services and learn who are buyers and sellers.

Upcoming Events..
April 1-8 ~ Book Fair 
April 5 ~ CES Math/ Science Carnival @ 6-7:30
April 28 ~ Tyler Zoo Trip 
(Parents are welcome to attend. I would greatly appreciate the extra hands! I will send a permission slip next week that has to be signed and returned since we are going out of town. Students will wear CES field trip T-shirts on this day.)
April 29 ~ No School 

Congrats to Brooks for earning 50 AR points and Zoe for earning 25 AR points!  You are so smart!

We made 2D Shape Monsters!

We are rollin...look for Justin with his gold AR shirt and T'annie with her blue shirt next week!  

Thanks for visiting our class!  See you next week!  

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  1. Hello Ms. Dee Dee how are you doing this morning you are still doing a beautiful job with the kids keep up the good work. T

    Ms. Terri Kimble