Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 21-25, 2016 Week 27

Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope that it was a terrific break for everyone.  I had a wonderful break and found out that my future grandchild is going to be a ..."BOY!"  We are so excited and anxious to see him!  Come on July!  :)

We will stay on the same reading story "A Southern Ranch" and continue the same reading skills.  Skills this week are fact and details; consonant patterns kn, wr; vowel digraphs ie, igh; adjectives; and Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will explore 2D shapes. We will identify the number of vertices and faces each shape has.  We will create a shape object by using 2 or more shapes.

In Science we will identify living and nonliving objects.

In Social Studies we will make economic choices.

Upcoming Events...
March 22 ~ Kona Snowcones
March 24 ~ Spring Group Pictures
March 25 ~ Early Dismissal
March 28 ~ No School (Bad Weather Day)
April 5 ~ Math/Science Carnival
April 1-8 ~ Book Fair

Look at Brooks' face after he just found out he earned 50.3 AR points!  He gets his gold shirt tomorrow!  A big congratulations!  Brooks was reading every book that he could get his hands on!

Zoe has also worked very hard and earned 25 AR points!  She will get her blue shirt on Monday.  She is so eager to read!  It excites me to see her read books all the time and log in all by herself!  

                     SURPRISE!  Mrs. Heather was our "mystery reader!"

Lots of fun at The Children's Museum!

MMM Yum Pizza! We had a pizza party for guessing  
 the correct jar with 100 objects in it on 100's Day!  

Getting ready for the Hot Shot    
Reading Basketball Game! Go Class! 

Thanks for visiting our class blog.  I am thrilled and enjoy sharing the progress and growth of my sweet students.  I feel that they are the best first graders in the world!  They have grown into strong readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, and confident students!  They don't need me as much, they can log into AR all by themselves and self-check their on work.  Bravo class and congratulations for your hard work!  

Please come back next week!  :)

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