Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 25-29, 2016 Week 20

We have had so many days off and I am looking forward to when our routine gets back to normal! This week we will have a math marathon on Monday, students will rotate through our 6 first grade classrooms.  Teachers will teach a math lesson over upcoming math skills for the 4th six weeks.  I will be teaching an M&M graphing activity to all of the classes! 
On Tuesday we will have our midyear Reading Benchmark Test.  On Thursday we will have our Math Benchmark Test.  We will have homework only on Monday of this week.  We will have a reading story along with spelling words BUT we will not have a spelling test over the words this week.  We will test over the words next Friday, Feb. 5.  The boys and girls need a brain break! 

Our Reading story this week is "I'm a Caterpillar." It is a nonfiction story about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Reading skills are to blend and read words with r-controlled vowels -er, -ir, -ur;  fact and opinion; verbs (am, is, are, was, and were); contractions; and daily Saxon Phonics.

In Language Arts we are working on editing and writing complete sentences using correct capitals, phonetic spelling, spacing, punctuation, and sentence structure (noun and verb agree).

In Math we will build numbers up to 120.

In Science we will continue Recycling. 

In Social Studies we will identify the 4 cardinal directions (north, east, south, west); and work on map skills.

Important Events...
January 28~Report Cards
February 3~100th Day of School
February 12~Valentine Party 

Our class is leading the way with AR points!  We have so many friends who have earned a shirt!  I am so happy and proud when they get recognized in front of the entire school!  Reading has become such a love for many of them.  They are reading everything in sight! AND I do mean everything!   
Keep it up!  Bravo!  Yay!  Hip Hip Hooray!  
                          Congrats Brooks!

                                                     Way to Go Justin!


                           Bravo Kamdyn!

 Celebrate the dynamic trio!

     Hey wait!  Look who else got a shirt...It's Colton our kindergarten friend earned a blue AR shirt!  Colton comes to our class for reading everyday!  Great job friends!

                Waiting for our math meeting to start!
Our super star singers getting their 
voices ready to SING math songs!


Next week we will see Elias get his blue AR shirt. He earned 25 points on Friday.  He will get his shirt on Monday!  Congrats Elias! 
We are rolling!!! 

Thanks for following us!  

See you next week!

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