Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18-22, 2016 Week 19

If you are a weekly follower,  you can see that me and my OCD self didn't post last week's class activities!   BUT since we have a short 3 day week we are going to stay on the same skills as last week. 

In Reading we will reread "Frog and Toad Together."  We will blend and read words with inflectional endings -ed, and -ing;  past and future tense verbs;  read diagrams;            r-controlled vowels -ar;  identify the author's purpose for writing a story; and practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will review past learned skills and get ready for our math benchmark test coming up next week.

In Science we will study Conservation.  We will learn about recycling items and how to reduce and reuse objects.

In Social Studies we will discuss the contributions and effects that specific historical leaders have had on our society.

Upcoming Events...
January 22 - No School/Staff Development
January 28 - 3rd Six Weeks Report Cards
January 29 - Jump Rope 4 Heart Money Due
February 3 - 100th Day of School
February 12 - Valentine Party

Congratulations to Kamdyn, Sam, Aubrey, and tomorrow Brooks and Justin for earning 25 AR points and Kamdyn again for earning 50 AR points!   YAY!!!  Eager readers!

Please remember that you have all year to get a shirt.  I love that it has been such a great incentive for your child to want to read! Please pace your child when reading.  I don't want them to feel that they have to hurry to get the 25 or 50 points. Our class is on fire!  Super job to all my students who have AR points!  WOWIE WOW WOW!

Remember in addition to the AR points that can be earned for an AR shirt, all students will be expected to get 12 AR points to go Glow Bowling later in May. These points can be combined so once you reach 25 points, those points can also be used for the bowling trip.

 Learning about fact and opinion can be tasty!  We used Kisses, Whoppers, and M &M's to form facts and opinions about each!

                     We can identify ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans!

        Aubrey, Kamdyn and Sam earned 25 AR points 
and got a blue AR reading shirt!

Happy Birthday Levi!  

We read "Frog and Toad Together."
We made a frog to hold our spelling words and sight words!

Brooks and Justin will receive their blue AR shirt on Tuesday.  Their pictures will be on next week's blog.  Again, I want to congratulate all my students with AR points!  Great job eager readers!!!

Thanks for following us!  Have a happy week!

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