Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 21-25, 2015 Week 5

Wow!  We are starting our 5th week of school!  Monday will be day 20.  I am very happy to share that we have settled in to our routines and classroom procedures.  Things are going well in class!  I am enjoying the boys and girls and they are enjoying each other. :)  

This week in reading our story is "A Fox and a Kit."  It is a nonfiction story about the life of a mother fox and her baby.  We will blend and read words with inflected endings -s, and -ing.  (EX: naps, napping); identify a declarative sentence (a sentence that tells a fact about something) We will also have our daily Saxon Phonics lessons where we blend and clap sounds, code, read, spell words, and read sentences.

In Math we will work on subtraction using cubes and continue to review addition to 10.  

In Science we will continue to study the weather.

In Social Studies we will keep learning about patriotic symbols and make the USA flag, and bald eagle. (We created the Liberty Bell)

BRAVO to the boys and girls for continuing to do a great job on their spelling tests!  I can tell that they are practicing at home.  The Tic Tac Toe sheet that I send on Mondays is just something extra that you can use to help your child practice their words.  They can also practice the weekly sight words using this too.  It does not have to be returned BUT please use it at home.  

Starting the 2nd six weeks I will take a grade on the sight words that we have each week.  I already have them read the words to me one on one after the reading test on Thursdays, but in a couple of weeks I will enter the grades as part of reading.  (I wanted to get them used to practicing them first)  Their sight word grade will be on the back of the reading test.  We play games with the words everyday, but they still need to practice them at home too.  Thanks!

If you have money for the "Back to School Ball" raffle tickets please send it by Wednesday.  The drawing for the winning girl and boy will be held on Thursday. They will be crowned Mr and Miss CES. The "Ball" will be from 6-8 pm in the cafeteria.  Hope to see you there!  :) 

In a couple of weeks I will be sending report card conference notes for 1st six weeks report cards.  I would like to conference with you about your child's classroom performance, strengths, behavior, etc. :)  When you get the conference note please let me know if this day and time works for you.  I will do my best to accommodate your work schedule. 

We had a busy week!  Here are some highlights from last week!  

The students get DOJO points for their behavior and each week we work toward a special treat or reward.  This weeks reward was to earn 10 pts and eat with me in the ArboReadum!  Great job guys!

Reading to each group during primetime!  

In science we've been learning about weather symbols, weather patterns and weather tools used to measure heat, cold, rain, and wind. We made a thermometer, rain gauge, and a wind vane.  We put these in our science journal.  We made a water cycle wheel and sang our water cycle song.

Have a super week and thanks for following us!  
See you next week!  :)

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