Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept. 28-Oct.2, 2015 Week 6

This week our reading story is "Get the Egg."  It is realistic fiction.  It is a made-up story that could really happen.  Our reading skills are main idea and details; interrogative sentences which are asking sentences; blend and read short e words; initial consonant blends (ex: br, cl, sn); abc order; and practice Saxon phonics.

In Math we will tell time to the hour on a digital and analog clock.

                       We worked hard last week on subtraction. 
                   We used cubes and our whole- part -part mats.

In Science we will identify the properties of matter.

In Social Studies we will discuss citizenship.

Upcoming Events...
October 5-13   Report Card Conferences
I will send each of you your day and time on Monday attached to newsletter.  Please sign and return.

HIP HIP HOORAY to Sam for being one of the top fundraisers for the CES Ball.  He was the top selling boy in first grade!  YAY !!!

                              Kamdyn was looking adorable!

      Awe! Aboss was so handsome!

        I was excited to see 2 of my former students represent NHS!   Makayla and Shamra!  They are Juniors now!  WOW!

 Another former student Kendall, now a 
4th grader with her sister Greenlee.
Everyone looked like they had a "ball!"   LOL!

Friends T'annie and Zoe enjoying recess!  

The "Clean Desk Fairy" visited our classroom last week! 
 Congrats to Kamdyn for having a clean and organized desk!  

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