Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 9-13, 2015 Week 26

YAY!  We survived the last couple of weeks of weather and I am so looking forward to having great weather this week!  We have many things going on at CES this week... 

On Tuesday at 5:30-6:30 we will have Open House.  I hope that you all will get to drop by and see all the wonderful classwork that your child has been doing.  We have worked very hard this year and I can hardly believe the year is almost over.  

The next day will be Western Wednesday and students can wear western clothes.  YAHOO! 

On Friday my class and I will walk to the store at the end of the road.  Please send $1.00 with your child.  We always walk to the store after learning about money in math.  The weather has been so cold and rainy so that is why we are going at this time.  I have an TAMU observer who will accompany us and help with the students.  This will also be a great way for students to learn about financial literacy.  They will get to see how much a dollar will buy and learn about tax!  LOL!!!

This week in learning we will read "A Southern Ranch."  This is a story about things that happen on a ranch. It goes right along with our "Texas" Open House theme!  Our reading skills are to identify facts and details; blend and read words with long i sound spelled ie, igh; use adjectives; and consonant patterns wr, kn.

In Math we will identify and create objects using 2D shapes.

In Science we will discuss weather and seasons.

In Social Studies we will discuss maps and the 4 cardinal directions.

Upcoming Events...
March 10...Open House 5:30-6:30
March 16-20...Spring Break
March 25...Spring Group Pictures
March 26...First Grade Dental Program
May 13...Caldwell Tyler Zoo

Remember parents we work hard in class but we also need your help with reading and practicing spelling words at home.  

Thanks for all you do to help us!

Have a great, fun, and relaxing Spring Break!  :)

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