Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015

We had a BUSY week!  Just wanted to share some highlights of our week before we exit for "Spring Break."  First let me say thanks parents for coming to Open House. The boys and girls worked extremely hard this year and it was wonderful to share our work with you. 

                 We had a "Texas Hoedown" on Wednesday!

Avery got chosen to go on stage and "Boot Scoot Boogie"

We have been guessing all week trying to figure out who our next "Mystery Reader" is and now... 

                              Will the "Mystery Reader" please come in...?
Mrs. Harrison!!!

Yes Madeline H., you were on the right track, it was your

Thanks Mrs. Harrison!  We enjoyed you!  

Surprise Surprise! 2 of my former students came to visit! They still look the same as they did in first grade!  So proud of them! 

Thanks TaKayla for stopping by!  TaKayla is a sophomore at DeSota ISD.

Thanks Chaney Moreland for taking time out to read to us!  Chaney is in Nursing School in Tyler.

Mrs. Kilgore taught us about "Gaggle" and how to send an email to a friend!  They were excited to see the emails pop up!  

Madeline K. already knew what to do!  Her inbox was full!  LOL!

We didn't get to walk to the store today, BUT we will try again after we come back from Spring Break.  I'm sure the rain will stop soon?!!!  It is so needed right now!  

Have a fabulous Spring Break!  I will see you all on March 23!

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