Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Are Off To A Great Week!

On Monday students brought in their disguised turkeys that they created at home.  WAIT...Did I say turkeys?  Where...?  So creatively disguised!

That's right I am NOT a turkey!

On Tuesday we got a wonderful treat for winning the canned goods competition!  Our class was pleasantly surprised when the nice man entered our classroom with a variety of pizzas, cookies, and soft drinks.  

Mrs. Miller brought her reading primetime group to perform a Thanksgiving readers theater.

On Wednesday we had a special Thanksgiving treat.  The students brought different kinds of fruit and we put it all together and made "friendship salad."  It was so nice to sit and eat together while sharing kind words about each other. 

 On Thursday we were ready to head

to the Giddy Up and Learn concert!  

      On Friday we said "Happy Thanksgiving!"

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