Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22-24, 2017

Well it's all over!  We had an AWESOME year!  We learned so much and made some wonderful friendships!  

Thanks to all our parents who supported us by helping with homework, sending snacks, helping with parties and anything else that you did!  It was very much appreciated!  :)  

We ended with lots of engaging activities...

                      Look where we went...BRAUMS!
        BRAVO to all who earned 100 stickers for a BRAUMS treat!  You all worked so hard this year and deserved this reward!  I am so proud of my sweet, and motivated students!       Thanks for coming to school and being ready to learn!  

Colton is ready to race his mom!
Get ready, set, GO!

Hat Day!  
                         Aww thanks Genesis!  I love you too!

                                               I didn't get to take a picture but a SHOUT OUT to Dixie!
                                        That cute little smiling face in the middle is Dixie!  YAHOO for                                             her because she had Perfect Attendance for the entire school year!  YAY!


Field Day!

                                            And More Bubbles! 

                                                            Last Day with Friends!


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