Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 5-9, 2016 Week 16

I am sorry that the last couple of week's blogs were late.  After blogging I thought that I hit publish but I discovered a minute ago it was still in draft form.  I blame it on the fact that Christmas is in the air!   Ho Ho Ho!!!    Speaking of Christmas...
Can you believe that it's just 21 days away?!!!  3 weeks?  We will be busy learning and making Christmas crafts over the next couple of weeks.  

This week we will read an expository text that tells facts about real honey bees.  Our story is titled "Honey Bees."  The reading skills are blend and read long e, ee words; compare and contrast; identify syllables in words; recognize nouns in sentences; inflected endings; and practice daily Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will use manipulatives to add and subtract numbers to 20.  We will also learn to count up in addition and back in subtraction.    

In Science we will continue exploring objects in the sky.

In Social Studies we will continue learning about traditions.

Upcoming Events...
Dec 12 ~ CES Music Program at CMS auditorium
Dec 15 ~ Movie, Popcorn & Pajamas
Dec 16 ~ Christmas Party @ 9:30
Dec 16 ~ Early Release
Dec 19- Jan 2 ~ Christmas Holidays

We have been learning about objects in the sky.  To go along with our lesson we had an opportunity to enjoy a close up look at some objects in the sky using google expedition goggles!  It was so exciting to see 3D close ups of the Solar System!  Thanks Mrs. Kilgore for bringing the goggles over!  We hope to do it again!

Santa letters will be displayed next week.  All of the letters were mailed to Santa and copies were sent to the Greenville newspaper. I was able to make a copy to save for parents to see.  :)

Have a super week!   

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