Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2016 Week 11

Happy Halloween! 
We had a super busy week last week so for that reason we are going to stay on the same reading story "The Farmer in the Hat" this week.  We will cover the same skills also. 

In Math we took our assessment over unit 6 place value to 99.  We have practiced writing standard and expanded forms of numbers.  We played place value scoot and around the world with place value.  Please ask your child to tell you about these games. We will continue to practice place value using a 120's chart and solving mystery numbers using clues about numbers in the ones, and tens places.

In Science we will continue to discuss force and how objects move.  We read books and watched a video about how different objects can be pushed or pulled.  We explored using magnets.  We learned about the magnetic force that you don't see around a magnet.

In Social Studies we will recognize American symbols and create models of them.

Upcoming Events...
Nov 1~ 50th Day of School/ Kona Ice
Nov 14-18  CES Book Fair
Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Holidays

We had a lot to celebrate...
Let's hear it for Colton and Bella for 
earning their 25 pt AR shirt!  Bravo guys!

                                                          Red Ribbon Week! 

 A-Team Field Trip

                                                   Thanks for the Boxtops! 

                            The Champs of the A.R. HOT SHOT Basketball Game!

                                                  Ask us about 'cause and effect!"

       Look who our Mystery Reader was...Mrs. Lytle! 
It was no mystery to Charley and most of the class!  
They figured out who it was after the 2nd clue!  LOL!  
Thanks for reading to us.  We enjoyed you!   :)

                         Awesome job asking the story questions!

We love you Mrs. Lytle!  

Thanks for following our class blog!  
Please come back next week!

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