Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 18-22, 2016 Week 31

Thanks parents for signing and returning the zoo permission slips. Everyone has theirs turned in and we are ready to go next week! 

Our Flat Stanley's are all over the place!  We are getting reports and pictures of him sightseeing the country side in big trucks, eating in Scotland, and sipping tea in Japan!  We can't wait to see and hear about all the other places that he visits!  :)  

Please send $1.00 with your child by Friday.  We will end our unit on Economics by walking to the store on the corner.  For several weeks we have been learning about goods and services and identifying who are buyers and sellers.  We will be the buyers as we make choices about what we can buy with $1.00. I will have my student observer with me which will allow me to have an extra pair of eyes and hands.  I am sending a permission slip that has to be signed and returned in order for your child to walk with the class.  Please sign and return to me by Wednesday.

This week we will be reading a story in our basal called "Mole and the Baby Bird."  Our reading skills are draw conclusions; blend and read words with vowel diphthongs ou, ow; segment and blend phonemes; discuss folktales; syllables; and  practice Saxon Phonics.

In Math we will compare 2D and 3D shapes.  We will finish up fractions and equal shares.

In Science we will focus on getting our zoo animal research completed.  Students will choose an animal that they would like to write about.  We will do this in class.

We finished up our unit on plants.  We learned to identify the parts of a plant... roots, stem, leaves, flower.  We can explain what each part plays in the role of a plants life. We learned what the biggest plant is ( a tree) and we also learned how plants are used in everyday items that we use.  On Friday we planted our own plants.

In Social Studies we will end our unit on goods/services and buyers/sellers by walking to the store.  We will play a review game to test our knowledge.  Please remember to send $1.00 with your child by Friday.

Excellent job Ivan for earning 25 AR points!  He worked very hard!  He was so proud of himself!

A couple of weeks ago school board member Kathleen Hooten came to our class and read her unpublished book about her show goat Cabo.  On  Friday she brought Cabo to visit us.  He was beautiful!  Even I petted him!!!  

                                   Thanks Luke for letting us brush Cabo!

                                       Cabo was very gentle and kid friendly!

                                                     I did it!  I petted Cabo!

                                Our friends showed Cabo love and attention!

                              Some of our friends got in the trailor with Cabo!

      Thanks Mrs. Kathleen and Luke for answering our questions about Cabo!  It was a pleasure to see my Luke.  I had him 10 years ago in first grade!  What a super young man! 
Cabo is one smart goat!  We enjoyed him!
For our writing assignment we wrote about Cabo!

Upcoming Events...
Kona Ice Snowcones...April 20 (paid for)
Tyler Zoo...April 28 (sack lunch needed)
No School...April 29
CES Music Program...May 3 at CMS

FYI...We only have 2 more weeks of homework.  We will continue through the last week of April.

Thanks to all who follow us each week!  We love that you peek in to see what we are doing in class! 
Have a great week!  See you all later!   :) 

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